If I Had My Own Restaurant

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My restaurant would be called EATS, in big, bold black letters. It would represent the type of restaurant I want to own: Simple, tasty and delicious meals in both small size portions and large portions, even half size portions, all through the day and evening. Diners would be able to mix and match and not have to order a huge portion and then leave leftovers that could feed a family of four for a week. I don’t like being served huge mountains of food; you would get exactly what you want: a filling meal but not a mountain of food. I get turned off when I get served a pasta dish that is so large it is overwhelming, it looks unappetizing and it is wasteful. All untouched leftover food would be connected with local food banks, that would be my personal commitment.

I would have breakfast, lunch and dinner items available all the time. It would be like a diner in terms of menu items and variety but not in terms of style. I want EATS to be cozy and playful; nobody would rush you and I can guarantee you, the food would be fresh and the coffee would be strong. There would always be an ornamental item on every table, sometimes a few twigs in a small silver vase, another time yellow rubber ducklings or miniature pink bud roses, or replicas of small, smiling cows. It would be casual, fun, delicious:  combination sandwiches (I’m drooling) and of course, a huge selection, of home made desserts. Desserts are important to me so there would be home-made chocolate cake with fudge icing, vanilla coconut cake (I’m a vanilla girl) apple/cherry/blueberry crisp, baklava (oh, honey!!!) and rice pudding with raisins. Carrot cake and cheese cake with various toppings would be available too. Stop in, it’s almost open….well, in my dreams, that is. Giada, Paula, Bobby, Chef Ramsey (you are too intimidating for me to call you by your first name) The Donald, Warren Buffet (what a blessing you are to the universe, Sir), Oprah, Rosie….anyone interested in INVESTING?? Please contact me. I guarantee you a great meal. On the house.

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18 thoughts on “If I Had My Own Restaurant

  1. No need to lock the glass dome because this is a place of trust and if anyone is too cheap to pay $3.25 let them have it. Loss is a tax deduction. .

    I have no money to give you just ideas – which of course are priceless.


  2. You will be standing at the door greeting people and circulating asking everyone how they are and of course you would be wearing a different, whimsical, fun apron every day. You will wear a tiara or a flower in your hair too.
    After the first several weeks you would not have to buy your own aprons because patrons will make them for you as gifts.
    You will hire look-a-likes so you don’t have to be there every day because you will be frequently staying at your home abroad.


  3. There would be a lazy susan in the middle of every table (just like in chinese restaurants)
    On the lazy susan there would be a pitcher of water, pitchers/carafes of whatever the drinks are that were ordered, condiments and of course the little glass dome with the ornamental thingey of the day.


  4. On each table the ornamental goodies can be purchased for $3.25 and housed in a little glass dome.
    Every day the ornamental goodies will change.
    Please include:
    Those tiny wind-up toys that walk
    A miniature picture frame with the picture of your restaurant
    A ring with a GIANT fake ruby
    A rubber frog
    A bar of specialty soap
    A toe ring
    A new silver dollar
    A candle


    • Of course there will be many kind of bread puddings. I happen to love raisins but respect those of you (crazy people) that don’t. If you ever come out East I have a restaurant for you. The one where my daughter is a hostess, we go there twice a week, the desserts are amazing, they ALWAYS have bread puddings on the menu. come visit.

      Warm wishes, Laurie https://hibernationnow.wordpress.com



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