A Best Meal Under Ten Bucks

A cup of hot chocolate, with whipped cream, ci...
A bowl of tomato soup
grilled cheese sandwiches

Baby, It’s Cold and Wet Outside…..

A grilled cheddar cheese (or American cheese) sandwich (my daughter prefers Swiss cheese) on multi-grain bread, a bowl of tomato soup and a mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream. You would probably have leftover money for a candy bar if you wanted one. This is a meal that shouts out “COMFORT FOOD” that you can get in any diner or coffee shop; it’s also easy to make at home and really not too junky (you can skip the hot chocolate if you must.) It’s easy to make, takes no time in preparing and it’s so comforting and delicious. Try it, on the house. Let me know how you like it on a cold, wintry day. Just imagining this inexpensive lunch makes me feel safe, warm and satisfied!

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6 thoughts on “A Best Meal Under Ten Bucks

  1. Now, I’m hungry and I didn’t finish breakfast all that long ago. Apple (or apple and pear crisp) warm with vanilla icecream is a great comfort food. Homemade, of course. I do it by feel — no recipe so it turns out different every time. Lately, been using up multigrain instant oatmeal, brown sugar (or sugar in the raw), a bit of flour, and some butter for the toppings, and mixing the apple (and/or pear) chunks/slices with lemon juice and maple syrup.
    Now, I’m really hungry. Got three apples, not quite enough for a crisp.


  2. oh flash backs to comfort food. (I’m not supposed to eat tomatoes now, but I can tolerate a small amount…this sounds so good.)

    I remember in college, I really wanted a grilled cheese sandwich, but the cafeteria wasn’t making them that day. But we had a sandwich bar, so I got the fixings for my grilled cheese, took them back to my room and made it with my iron. Yes, an iron for clothes. I just put paper between the ironing board, sandwich, and iron….no mess…good sandwich. : )


  3. Skip the hot chocolate!!!!!!!!? (You’ve been cooped up too long)

    START with the hot chocolate, proceed to the grilled cheese sandwich and if there’s room finish with tomato soup and another mug of hot chocolate.


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