Daylight Saving Time

Turn Daylight Saving Time Into SUNSHINE


I hate it. It’s not good for my brain or my bones. I think we need more sunshine and more warmth all through the year. Granted, I live in part of the country that gets snow often, and dreary weather and I resent it. I want to move someplace warm and perhaps winter on a beach in the Northeast. I want to be a classic “snowbird” and be proud of it. The freezing cold temperatures makes it difficult for me to move with my diagnosis of Fibromyalgia where every muscle and joint pain ache miserably. My mood is happier when there is sunshine, my bones are happier when there is warmth. What’s not to like?

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5 thoughts on “Daylight Saving Time

  1. My husband is from Arizona, they don’t change the clocks…he thinks is so silly. I didn’t know there were places that didn’t do it until I met him…I think it’s silly too.

    Winter on a beach in the NORTH east? Where is it warm in the winter in the North east?

    We were considering being snowbirds…going to Arizona in the winter…but with Stuart’s job change…don’t know if that’s going to happen. (wish he’d find a job out there, and we’d just move! We came back here from Palm Springs because we thought we had so many friends…after I got sick (er) we’ve discovered we don’t have that many close friends.) Stuart’s family is in Tucson, and I have friends there.

    hmmm, but no jobs.

    try the South East….but further than SC, it still gets cold there. (I’m from Charleston originally.)

    stay warm


  2. i luv this picture laurie! yep, this turning clocks business is silly…oh well…just goin with the flow I guess…lol. Hope ur doin as well as can be expected wth all ur enduring. just remember u hav a lil sis out here who is thinkin of u and prayin for u.


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