Haiku Heights – Mystery

Ghost below the Sunset?

I just glanced away

No one but you and I knew

Silence, pause, is key


Purple, angry scar

Spoke volumes but said nothing

Questioning despair


In the dark, leaves dance

Ghosts laugh in the hidden world

Branches twist, crack, twirl

8 thoughts on “Haiku Heights – Mystery

  1. You guys and your fish!
    I’ve done a few paintings of fish, they are wonderful to get lost in. I also designed a Stained Glass Window/mirror that looked like a salt water fish tank..one of the coolest windows I designed while working for a stained glass company.

    must find pictures.

    I too love all your haiku’s but the scar was very moving to me. I have a couple of big scars, I remember when I first had surgery on my arm to remove a tumor, I was 15, i didn’t wear a shirt that would show it for a very long time. It was purple and scary. Now, it’s a faded scar, and I don’t care! It’s part of me, part of my past, part of something I’m very proud I lived through!!


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