Pleading… What?

Handicapped Parking Sign

The other day my husband, who does have a temporary handicapped sticker, got a ticket that stuck to his windshield like glue. It was bright, neon orange and as soon as you see that color you know, you just know it is not a good thing. At first he was puzzled; he had the handicap sticker, why on earth did he get a ticket? That did not seem fair at all.

The reason he DID get a ticket? Was not that he didn’t have the sticker, he did; it’s because he forgot to place the sticker on the rear view mirror LIKE HE WAS SUPPOSED TO DO. He had possession of the sticker that usually dangles from his rear view mirror he just simply forgot to take it out of the glove department and affix it to his mirror. It says explicitly on the pass that you should NOT drive and leave this pass on the dashboard while driving and so he didn’t. Many people do, I might add and I’ve noticed that most people ignore the warning. You don’t see them being pulled over and given tickets, trust me. I have watched keenly like an Eagle Scout.

Like a trooper, he went to the local court-house and talked to a police officer in the area. He showed her his cane and his Achilles tendon all bandaged nicely in his booted right foot. He recently got off crutches. He even showed her his handicapped sign. He took a picture of all the above and was honest to the police officer. “How do you plead “stupid” he asked the police officer? She laughed and told him to fill out the form and attach all the information.  He pleaded “stupid.” After all, you can’t get more honest than that. You have to love him for it, don’t you? I couldn’t even be mad, after he told me he “pleaded stupid” I just had to laugh. I SINCERELY hope the judge finds it humorous too.

5 thoughts on “Pleading… What?

  1. That’s hilarious!
    For a short period I had a job as a meter maid. (do not ever do this job, it is horrible on your psyche…people are so mean! even if you haven’t given them a ticket!! It’s a hard job!)

    People would park in Handicapped spots and then tell me, but I was just running this in…ummm, you can run, you don’t need this spot!
    That’s one ticket I never backed down from, unless someone showed me they had just been stupid and forgot to put on the placard.
    Yeah, I gave people slack for being stupid.

    Well, stupid about that. Not some stupid things….man are people stupid sometimes!


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