The Verdict Has Been Rendered – “The Danny Defense”

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Pursuant to the blog “Pleading What?” See attached:

The pleading “stupid” defense, now affectionately known as “Danny’s Defense” has been revealed on this day the 13th of November. The judge dismissed the stupidity case and dropped all charges. ALL charges. Not half, which is what I guessed, not even a reduction for “failure to remember you were handicapped.” Nothing. Case Dismissed. Hey, sometimes the truth wins. My husband ruled, for once.  His stupidity defense on forgetting to LEAVE the handicapped sticker on the windshield wiper (even though he did have it in his glove compartment) was true. He took a picture of his crutches, the walking boot, his diagnosis (ruptured Achilles Tendon) and a photo copy of his red temporary handicapped sticker and pleaded stupid.

Who knew?

So, next time you do a stupid thing, and you get ticketed for it? Try pleading “stupid.” It worked for him. The judge, obviously was kind and had a marvelous sense of humor. Truth prevailed. The Danny Defense, is IN!

Congratulations to the Defendant and all future stupid defendants.

5 thoughts on “The Verdict Has Been Rendered – “The Danny Defense”

  1. I just laughed at the pleading stupid. Glad it worked.

    I did something similar. had a tail light out….I didn’t know….got it fixed took in the proof it was fixed, pleaded ignorance, and it was dismissed.

    I can join the pleading stupid club…oh but I’m not a cute guy.

    (my husband has never gotten a ticket….sometimes I really think he’s a saint…or just didn’t experience much. I was the rebel, and wild one…he was the studious nerdy one. Don’t tell him I said that. yet, I graduated with a higher GPA! So there!)

    I’m in a silly mood tonight I think.


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