Simple. Sweet. Joy.

Happy Day

It’s been a long time since I’ve had good news so when I got some today, I wasn’t sure how to handle it. It took a moment to process, I think I was in shock. It took thirty seconds to register, settle in and then feeling came back to my body. Dusty old joy  spread through my body in seconds, like warm, milk chocolate melting in your mouth.   I had been subconsciously waiting for another bad thing to happen since I had known nothing else in a very long time. I had prepared myself for more bad news; after all when you have had month after month of bad news every single time without a break, that is what you expect.

Today, there was a new ripple in the water, the new crescent of wave turning over in my mind. The ocean, my image, of all that is good and strong, minus the sharks that are taking bites out of innocent swimmers. Yesterday, just yesterday I was at the veterinarian’s office with my dog, Callie. I found a lump and told the vet that I was not going to leave until he found it, because I couldn’t find it again. My dog was also itching and scratching everywhere like crazy. The veterinarian finally found it and I was with my dog as the doctor pulled out the incredibly long syringe and plunged it into the back of my dog. “If it were any other place, I wouldn’t even biopsy it but since it’s right on the lymph node I want to be safe…..” I nodded weakly. I admit, first I turned around so I wouldn’t have to look at the long needle but then I swung back sharply and held my dog’s paws and looked into her scared eyes. I wanted to be there for her so I kissed her on the neck and held her still.

The doctor told me to call Wednesday or Thursday, Thursday to play it safe but today, a mere one day after the procedure there was a message from the receptionist that said my dog did NOT have cancer. I played the message and then I called the office, just to be sure, really sure. I thanked them about thirty times and I was so grateful that they had called. I hung up and I was silent. Then, I whooped for joy, hugged my sleeping dog and cried. I cried with happiness, a feeling that has been lost to me for such a long time. I understand that I will know sadness again, of course I will, but today I felt happiness, sweet happiness, in the purest form. Thank you. I appreciate it more now, but you probably know that already.

8 thoughts on “Simple. Sweet. Joy.

  1. Oh what wonderful news!!

    Here’s my dogs story…it starts off sounding sad, but really she’s a wonder dog!

    My dog is so very special to me. She has cancer. We were going to get her teeth cleaned early 2009, and she had her normal lab work done before hand. Found blood in her urine, did an ultrasound, and found 2 tumors in her bladder. We had them removed, March 2009, and hoped and prayed that was the end.
    In late July 2010, She had another ultrasound, and found it had returned. They couldn’t operate again, not enough bladder. She’s on a medication to slow the growth (had been since they originally found it) but were told this is a very aggressive type of cancer, it was predicted she’d have 6 months to a year to live. (and that was being optimistic.)
    Now, 16 months later – she still doesn’t act like anything is wrong. Oh she has her other issues, she’s almost blind, can’t hear well, has thyroid issues, and Alzheimer’s. (her medication for that has worked wonders!)
    But don’t tell her, she just doesn’t notice. She still chases the cat, jumps on the couch, runs up the stairs…..sometimes she’s a little slower, and a bit more cautious especially when the lights are dim, (she sees mostly darks, lights, and movements…so when the lights are dim she gets confused.)

    The vet, and all her staff, just love Sandy. She is known as the wonder dog there.
    She is about 19 now. A woman found her in a dumpster behind her restaurant 18 years ago, this month. I adopted her shortly after she was found. At that time the vet thought she was about 1 year old.

    It will completely break my heart when she leaves, but I’m hoping having so may scares with her, and having so much time to “prepare” myself, that it will be a little bit easier. (but I doubt it)
    I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to spend every day with her since her diagnosis. Even if we can’t make it home in time for her to be fed or walked, we have a wonderful neighbor who is our pet sitter, and Sandy loves her, so she will come and visit with her….We haven’t gone on a trip since her diagnosis, we are thinking about going to Tucson in January or February (Stuart’s sister is having a baby) if I’m able. I’m so happy I know we have someone so close who really loves Sandy and will watch out for her. (she even takes Sandy to her house so she won’t be alone so much.)

    Sorry, I rambled.
    Perhaps my gratitude post should have been all about how grateful I am that my dog is a Wonder Dog!!

    I’m so thrilled you had good news! Just remember, sometimes, the bad news isn’t as bad as you originally think. I thought I would have lost Sandy a long time ago, but she’s right here, curled up beside me, making sure I feel loved after having so many attacks lately.

    love to you and Callie!


  2. So glad that you got good news about callie! Things happen in 3s, so you are due 2 more pieces of joy! I hope they come soon. You are more than overdue for peace, happiness, calm, and joy.


  3. Whew! Good news! Even tho Dan and the Kids have been there for you this whole time, you have had to be the strong one for everybody else. Except for Callie. Her job is to take care of you and give you kisses and make you feel better. I’m so glad that your sweet pup is OK. You need her as much as she needs you!


  4. Aww that is such good news. Having had a cat diagnosed with cancer, and another cat diagnosed with kidney disease, I know how hard these things are to go thru, these pets are like family members. hugs, Kathy


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