My Definition of Wealth

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Fantasy Wealth vs Reality Wealth

Wealth, to me, is just a fantasy. It is an incredible amount of money that you win and don’t earn. A game I play if I drop a dollar or two on the lottery. In my mind I see big houses overlooking the water in different places, being able to redecorate without first looking at the price tag. Designing a swimming pool so that at night when I went to bed I could picture its beauty and smile into my fancy pillow. It’s not ever having to think about money for anything. Travel? No problem, I would have a private jet. Drive my car when I am scared to drive at night? I would have a driver. Lovely, original art on the walls, gifts to nice


people who I don’t even know; giving to family and friends is of course, a given.

I realize it’s a fantasy, I know I’m never going to have the money to buy such things, ever, but for a dollar per dream, it’s worth it to escape reality. Wealth, in my fantasy, is never having to worry about money ever again. Wealth in my reality is everything I have, a loving family, some great old friends, my gorgeous nine-year old shelter dog and an old handkerchief that belonged to my father when he was alive, soft, thread bare but always with me in my pocket.

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1 thought on “My Definition of Wealth

  1. I agree — all I ever wanted in a job was enough money that we won’t have to count every penny when we went to the grocery store, or choose between what we needed most and what we would like to have. Enough money to actually take a vacation.
    It’s always only been a dream. My wealth is a chain with a gold simitar that was my fathers, a locket that was my mother’s grandmother’s, my mother’s mother’s wedding present of a gold necklace set with pearls. These seem monetary, I know, but they are the only things I have.
    I donated most of my father’s military items to a museum so others could share in his life. I have a few medals and epalets. There are some photos (most of my dad’s family were stolen by my uncle) which I treasure as well.
    Wealth to me would be not having to worry about money every day. I don’t want to win millions, just enough to be comfortable, buy a small house, and give to charities.
    OOps, as usual I went on too long.


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