Happy Thanksgiving – On Gratitude


It’s Thanksgiving and being with family and friends is a huge part of what I am grateful for; not to mention my sweet dog curled up, on our bed. It’s seeing my son’s first smile as he enters the room, home from college. It’s my husband giving me a cup of coffee and a kiss on the cheek. It’s watching my daughter sing to our dog and wrap her arms around the dog’s fur. It’s the little things. Those snapshot moments that will stay in my mind forever as a present for my future.

It’s been a rough year but I’m trying to put that in the past. We’re still house-less but when our family is together, we’re still at home. I know I need to focus on my own attitude; to count my blessings daily, instead of my losses. When you lose a family member, it’s harder to do this. It’s been ten years and I still think  “I wish my dad was here, I miss him.” I know my dad would not have wanted us to mourn every holiday but still his memory is deeply ensconced in my soul. I would love to see him heaping his plate with mashed potatoes (known as mashlers in our family) and constantly refilling his plate. That’s all gone, but I have the memories and I am grateful for all the Thanksgivings and Holidays we did have with him; I need to appreciate that.

When I am at my family’s house today, with my two teenagers, my husband, my niece and nephew, brother-in-law, mother and treasured older sister, I will be happy. Today I want to collect new memories to add to my collection of past memories. Things will never be the same, without my dad, and I have to accept this different reality. It just isn’t easy.

What I have to focus on is that the rest of the family and there is a great deal of love, together in one room.  I know I have to look forward and not back,  each and every day. I will try to concentrate on the next generation, my two kids and my niece and nephew, four really great young men and women, who love each other deeply. I am grateful they have each other.

I am grateful for all my family, my friends, both old friends, new friends and cyberspace friends, my dog and the gracious blessings that we have in our lives. To ALL THE READERS OF HIBERNATIONNOW, I AM GRATEFUL FOR YOU!!!

Be kind, be grateful and love one another.

4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving – On Gratitude

  1. thanks for sharing your memories: past, present, and future. I’m thankful that I met you and have had the chance to read your incredibly evotice, expressive, beautiful, imaginative, charming, powerful, whimsical, and the list goes on.
    Wishing you a wonderful thanksgiving and soon a safe home!


  2. We are grateful for exceptional writers like yourself, who are kind, caring and just downright good people. I’m very grateful to have gained a big sis in you! You’re a remarkable woman and your dad was and is so proud of you. I’m glad you got some enjoyment out of your day with your family, I did too. If my pain coulda been a tad lower on the richter scale, it coulda been better. As I’m sure was the same for you and millions of other of us chronics around here…
    But I’m glad I’m alive for another year with my sweet family…got my sleeping little grandsons next to me now….makes the pain worth it today…xo


    • Thank you Mo, hope you had a nice day too. Sometimes I think I’m the ONLY ONE who still misses my dad on holidays but maybe the others just hide their feelings better or have moved on more. I don’t know, I don’t think anything can be the same, like you without your beloved mom. To me, it’s like Before and After……Hugs.

      Warm wishes, Laurie https://hibernationnow.wordpress.com



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