On Silence

Holding Hands

Since I am comfortable with myself, silence does not make me uncomfortable at all. Years ago, when I was young, I am sure that I felt awkward at times with silence. Silence and strangers.

Now, it is a strength to be comfortable, alone or with another person in silence. It’s an act of faith, one that takes years to build; I am extremely comfortable with my husband or best friend beside me, together, alone.

Trust yourself and the other person both in silence and in speech. Know that the person beside you, the one that you have loved for many years is your soul-mate, your very best friend. It shouldn’t and doesn’t come quickly, it takes some time to understand each other, and even then, there is always the tiny unknown.

Start with a glimmer and a smile, many years later, you know each others thoughts, words, smiles and nuances. I can hear my own thoughts in silence, I can use words as photographs in my mind. More importantly, I listen to how I feel.

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7 thoughts on “On Silence

  1. I love silence now…but there is a family story that everyone always tells about me and silence when I was a teen. The family was all at my uncles for Thanksgiving, we were all sitting around, everyone talking and laughing, then there was a silent moment that lasted a bit too long and I said “somebody please say something, so I don’t have to!” and it cracked everyone up so bad….lol. So, I guess as I matured I became more comfortable with silence, Jim and I can sit in silence together, reading or whatever…its enjoyable. I will say though I do still find it awkward when I’m with friends or something and it feels like no one has anything to say to keep the conversation going…

    I also love the way you write Laurie! You and Phy are pros.


  2. And, for me, if I find someone I feel comfortable enough to be silent with, we are still connected and communicating. A space that transends language and chatter; some times, unspoken conversations carry more meaning and closeness.


  3. In a whole new way, I have found a way to be comfortable with silence….a bit necessary, but I’m glad I’m not afraid…and I’m glad Stuart is there with me, to share the quiet moments.

    Yes, I have a hearing aid, I hear some things, but when it’s out, and I miss the silliest little sounds…(one sound that I think is so funny that I can’t hear is me peeing in the toilet…isn’t that hilarious, that I would miss that? It just doesn’t seem right that I can’t hear that.)

    We’ve had some good laughs about my hearing loss…some of the things I hear him say…so NOT what he said…so funny.

    But many days we just sit beside each other, reading, or relaxing…not a word spoken…none needed.



  4. Some of our best times are just sitting on the porch watching the cars drive by, or watching the dog and cat explore the back yard. Silence is golden, especially when you have someone to share it with.


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