Winter Sports

Tropical Menagerie
Cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream
Skier carving a turn off piste

Don’t Call Me “Snowbaby”

I like winter sports when OTHER people are doing them; I hate to be cold and wet. My favorite destination is the ski lodge where I can sit beside a burning, magical fire and talk to the flames that warm my face. My favorite beverage is hot chocolate with whipped cream so I can wrap my hands around the cup like a hug and sip the sweetness very slowly. When I imagine a get-away it is never to someplace cold and snowy; it is a tropical island where the clear aquamarine water and tiny striped fish nibble at my pink, polished toes.

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5 thoughts on “Winter Sports

  1. Love your winter activities . . . sounds good to me. Nothing better than going out in the cold and doing something fun (I like snowshoeing) and then coming in and snuggling up to something hot to drink and a warm fire. Add in a fuzzy blanket and a good book and I’m there.


  2. I want to go on vacation with you!! or did you just say that so you could mention fish? hahaha

    I hate the cold..absolutely hate it.

    I have a friend who prefers it, hates the summer. When our summer’s get so very hot and humid, I just think…oh but it’s not cold.

    However, when we lived in Palm Springs, and the summers where 125+F, and humid…I was wishing for a little cold. But the winter’s there…are a dream!

    I could really use that vacation though…too bad I can’t afford it…of course then I wouldn’t be able to travel. maybe soon. : )

    love to you friend


  3. Ya know I hate the heat….but on my Bucket List one of my things to do is to see white sand and blue clear water. I want to scuba dive and maybe I will find some of those weird fish that Judith keeps writing about!


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