My Favorite Old Movie

“The Hills Are Alive..”

The Sound of Music is my favorite old movie, I think it came out in the early sixties. Though I have to admit I feel terribly old to think that this would be considered an “oldie but goodie.” Wasn’t it just yesterday that I watched this in the movie theater with my dad holding my hand and handing me buttery popcorn?

The Sound of Music to me is a feel-good movie. There are elements of love, friendship, betrayal, romance, war and fighting for the right to be free. When I feel down I watch this movie and I have to admit, it makes me feel better. I  know every word verbatim. As for the songs? I could give a concert! My dream? To go to a Sing-Along-Sound-of-Music showing; I would be so happy just to be able to sing every song out loud.

The Sound of Music

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1 thought on “My Favorite Old Movie

  1. This time of year brings my favorite old movie about…
    It’s A Wonderful Life.

    When ever I’m really down, I have sometimes thought, I wish I’d never existed. Then I think about this movie…I wonder how life would be different if I had never been born. I hope in some way, I’ve made a difference to someone. Everyone is important in some way.

    The first time I saw this movie I was with my mom. (It’s amazing neither of us had seen it before we did, I was in my late 20’s) it became our thing. Every year we’d watch It’s a Wonderful Life together.

    Now we still honor that tradition, every year, usually on Christmas Eve, we watch it again. Sometimes we have a house full of friends, sometimes it’s just me and Stuart curled on the couch. It’s a special time.

    (I’m also a huge Vincent Price FAN, and love many of his old movies…The Incredible Dr. Phibes…Incredible!!!! Year before last I got the action figure from the movie for Christmas…a collector’s item..what a find…and what a husband to remember!)

    (Funny I never saw The Sound of Music in it’s entirety until I was in my late 30’s – saw it at the Art Museum – during the summers they have movies on the lawn projected on the side of the Museum…so much fun!!! Movies were much longer in those days huh?)

    Enjoy your movie my friend.


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