How I Define Romance

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Ah romance, it’s what the world needs to feed our young souls. What romance means to me does not exactly coincide with my life but that’s okay. To me romance are glances, warm, velvet eyes looking directly into yours, quickly looking away. It is a surprise weekend at a place you love best, for me it would be to the ocean on a warm, sunny weekend, staying at a cozy Bed and Breakfast. It would still be roses, delivered to the house, in a long white box tied with a red ribbon, for no special reason. Perhaps a surprise dinner in a famous restaurant when your loved one just says” don’t wear jeans” and smiles sheepishly yet triumphantly.

Romance, when you are young is very different from when you are older. When I was in my twenties I remember a tee-shirt printed with my secret initials, a tiny teddy bear magnet and flowers in one night. It was holding hands in the freezing cold of a Boston winter when there was no need for gloves. It was having someone watch you with admiration while you slept.

Now, after being married for 23 years, romance is comfort. It is knowing you are married to your very best friend. It’s always having someone in your corner; it’s the person that knows you best of all. It’s watching television together so you can hear the other person laugh, it’s the comfort of silence and the knowledge that you can always be yourself. Romance changes; love doesn’t.

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1 thought on “How I Define Romance

  1. Romance changes; love doesn’t.

    Despite my memory issues, I can remember the first time I met hubby so clearly — right down to what we were wearing, what we talked about, the croquet game after dinner, etc.
    It took about 6 months for me to admit one night that I was in love (and had been since his first smile and hello). He had said it first, a few days before, but we both pretended it didn’t happen. We’d been seeing each other off and on since early June.
    When I was going through things at mom’s, I came across the 1st birthday present I gave him: a book made full of pictures from things we had done together with little sayings to go with each one. And, on the last page, I had written a verse about love.

    I keep seeing those ads for making books from ditial prints. I think someday (when we have room for the boxes of pictures we took, scan in some of the oldies and add some of the newer ones, and make another picture book — I’ll try and do it for late May 2012 — the 30th anniversay of our first meeting. Our wedding anniversay is early May (got married by a judge 13 years after we had met).

    These past years have been rough; the last 2 especially. I think it has strengthened our love; romance is a fond memory of walks in parks, pancakes, movies, and holding hands.

    We went for a walk before I left, and we held hands again. I got dopey off the med. I took, and he basically carried me back home. That’s love.


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