Who Brings Out the Best in Me

"If you believe in fairies ..."

The Magic Of Children

Children bring out the best of me and not just my own children either. I mean almost all children. I love spending time with children (I used to substitute teach at a couple of nursery schools and I loved it.) Three to four-year old little people are just magical; innocent, fanciful and delightful. I think children also know people who delight in them, I’ve spent many a dinner playing peek-a-boo with children I did not know, much to the delight of their parents. Children tell you what they think, honestly, and openly. I love their imaginations and their drawings and stories. I have a photograph of my long, blonde haired daughter when she was about four, wearing a bright green pixie suit like Tinkerbell with green glitter, wearing a bright green head band, holding a sparkling wand with her big blue eyes twinkling. That is an image that I keep in my head and heart forever. Love and like your children, they are very special beings.

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