2011 in 12 Sentences


old house

January 2011, I’m so damn cold, I can’t get warm.

February 2011, I’m still so friggin cold and I hate the ice.

March 2011, Weeping because my son is graduating High School

April 2011, Stress in the family, college stress, grandma stress, she feels poorly

May 2011, A two-week vacation in Spain with my husband, heaven (except for the pick pocketing incident)

June 2011, My son graduates, more tears, but he got into a good college and he is happy, he works at his old camp, away the whole summer.

July 2011, Husband and I are stressed because daughter is not working

August 2011 Husband breaks Achilles tendon, needs surgery, I drive alone to bring son to college. We plan for a new kitchen and instead our house falls apart, termites, carpenter acts, wood rot, deception. We have to move and share one room with daughter and dog in a hotel. (For over 3 months.) Daughter starts to look at colleges. Husband is out of commission for over three months, on crutches.

September 2011 It cost us financially, emotionally and physically, we are all depressed.

October 2011 My birthday sucked, August September, October sucked, most friends forgot about us, broken promises, “out of sight, out of mind?”

November 2011 Life still sucks.

December 2011 Still in hotel for first half of the month, back home in second half. No money for Christmas presents. The house is still a construction site; but at least we’re home. Gratitude and love for those who helped us and invited us, never will be forgotten.

Can’t wait to say good-bye to 2011.

Can you blame me?!

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10 thoughts on “2011 in 12 Sentences

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  2. Well, you certainly inspired me to write my own 12-sentence summary of 2011. Sorry to hear that you’ve had such a year of upheaval, misfortunes and difficulties. I guess the only thing to do after a crappy year is draw a line and move on. Best wishes for 2012!


  3. glad that there were two sentences with hope, promise, and fun (spain and “but at least we’re home. Gratitude and love for those who helped us and invited us, never will be forgotten.”
    Hope 2012 is YOUR year!. Now I have have to try and do 2011 in 12 sentences. Oh boy . . . (oh joy).


  4. Hell NO!

    (but the Spain trip sounds heavenly…let’s leave that part in, we’ll just put the pick pocketing incident in the back closed up part of the memory!)

    A better 2012 to you my dear!


      • I was just thinking…I wonder if I could do 2011 in 12 sentences…I’ll try..perhaps for new year’s eve.

        and I was thinking…what a great present to you that you are out of the hotel room for Christmas. The house may not be in order yet, but you can be in different rooms! Ahhh, that has to be such a relief.

        Stuart and I drove from NC to CA twice, with a dog and a cat…just that week going across the country, cooped up in either an auto or a motel room with my hubby and our furry babies..was stressful! If we had to do it for months..omg, I think I would have pulled my hair out.

        Where you stayed, did they allow you to leave your dog in the room when you weren’t there? That was hard on us. One person had to stay in the room all the time or take both the dog and cat with us.

        But we made it, and can honestly say we have seen every mile of Interstate 40 from one coast to the other!

        love to you and yours.
        2012…The thought of a new year, new hopes…new possibilities…I think I can start to feel the stress of 2011 starting to melt away.


      • love the image of 2011 stress melting away, next week maybe….they had a whole floor for families that had dogs, so Callie was in our room the whole time. she’s very quiet if we left her alone for a little while, not a barker at all so it was fine. she became their mascot and got addicted to ginger snaps there, everyone was always admiring her !!! I don’t know how we did it either but we did, when u have no choice, u just have to cope.

        Warm wishes, Laurie https://hibernationnow.wordpress.com



      • “I don’t know how we did it either but we did, when u have no choice, u just have to cope.”

        That’s how we live every day isn’t it?

        Please, please, please let 2012 be better!

        warm wishes for you


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