Mountains Versus Marathons

Participants in the 2010 Boston Marathon in We...

Not Everyone Is An Athlete

Would I rather climb a mountain or run a marathon??!! Neither. I would rather watch someone climbing a mountain as I sat in a lodge holding my cup of steaming hot cocoa with melting marshmallows between my chilled hands. I cheer people on who are running a marathon. At the Boston Marathon I would stand on the street as the marathoners ran by and hold out orange slices or cups of water. I would yell encouraging things until I was hoarse. Nothing about me screams extreme sports (chronic pain condition aside.)

I give enormous credit to people who are athletic and love it, that must have been a missing gene in my family. We’re not athletes, we’re not even into sports. Forgive us, not everyone is athletic but in a way, I wish I was. Maybe this year (ok, next year, I can get myself in shape to take up SOME sport that I enjoy and am eager to do. For now, I have to force myself, especially in the winter, to take a walk and the only thing that makes me do it is my overwhelming love for our dog.

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5 thoughts on “Mountains Versus Marathons

  1. I live in a house of athletes. They run, they hike, they go to the gym, they swim, they run in marathons, they climb mountains! I stay at home. I tell them to be careful.

    The most athletic I was as a kid was riding a bike. But, I do WATCH baseball on TV.


  2. I want to be athletic. Have always wanted it….but alas…
    I am a klutz. And I’ve always had health issues.

    I tried to be a runner…I found it extremely boring. Now that I’m older perhaps I could like it, but it would take a very long time to get in shape for that.

    with my issues exercising is so hard. moving my head right now just makes me sick.

    But I must find something. Something!


      • if I can find something where I don’t have to move my head!
        yeah…or perhaps February??? Why start when everyone else is?

        When Stuart gets a job…if we aren’t completely broke by then, I think we are going to get me this exercise machine that’s kind of like an elliptical but you sit down. I used one at PT last year and it was great…no head movements! But I got one heck of a work out. we’ll see.

        hope you are staying warm!


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