So What IF George Clooney Is Gay And Other “Celebrities?” (Pop Cop)



English: George Clooney, Cannes film festival

English: George Clooney, Cannes film festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I think that George Clooney could be gay just like Rock Hudson was gay and no one believed it back then either.  Look, I’m just printing what I’m hearing, so don’t be hating. You know why? Because it really doesn’t matter; it’s not a big deal anymore (although all the cover-up, why?) As Jerry Seinfeld quoted in his show Seinfeld (see Jerry, I know who you are, not like that Larry King dude) about the possibility of being gay: “Not that there is anything wrong with that.” A line that baby boomers are still quoting, ad nauseum. (Let’s face it, it took us years to get over saying yada, yada, yada – we are a generation of people who have trouble letting go of the past. I know.

Let’s talk a little about the Kardashians, shall we? ( I hope I sound like Church Chat Lady on OLD SNL episodes with Dana Carvey.) Who are they and why are they famous? More importantly why do all these people seem to care whether they are married or divorced, pregnant, preening or getting more and more plastic surgery? Are you telling me that the “dad” is the same Bruce Jenner that was in the Olympics as a swimmer? Who did he run into and why did he let someone to destroy his once well-known face? Ick. I truly don’t care about this family, have never watched them on television although I have seen pictures of Mom Kardashian and she scares me more than just a little. What TALENT do these people have? Ah, None. I thought so. Why are they featured in magazines when they have no talent except being adept at making themselves celebrities with a ton of cash. I don’t get it.

The last person I have no clue about and I had to google is a woman by the name of Bethenny Frankel. All I know about her is that she is in magazines and sells some lite alcoholic drinks and she had a baby. So? Why again, is she famous? (okay, famous is really the wrong word, why is she a pseudo- celebrity?) Apparently, she was on some housewives show of Atlanta if I read that correctly. Thus, a star is born? Shouldn’t she be living with the Kardashians? These people can’t act, the can barely speak eloquently, why do people admire them? THEY. HAVE. NO. TALENT.

Talent is: Ellen Degeneres, she is my hero. I admit, it once was Oprah but I’m sorry I had to switch to Ellen Degeneres. Ellen knows who she is, she celebrates her life and her marriage with her wife Portia. She helps us celebrate our own lives, she’s quick, funny, kind (very kind) and smart. There is no malice in her (except for her scaring all the celebrities which would make me pee in my pants badly.) We can look up to Ellen, she should be the one that we admire, she has incredible comedic talent and timing.

My point here is it doesn’t matter if someone is gay or not, what matters is talent and kindness and doing good things for the world. So, really who cares if George Clooney or Josh Groban, Tom Cruise and John Travolta are all gay?? Celebrate them for the great artists that they are. They have talent, that’s more than the Kardashians will ever have. Admit it.

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6 thoughts on “So What IF George Clooney Is Gay And Other “Celebrities?” (Pop Cop)

  1. Gay? Cool! Don’t you know Gay is in right now! (no I’m not a fag-hag…but I do know one. And have lived with 2 gay men in my lifetime….possibly 3, but he’s not telling.)

    I couldn’t agree more about the Kard….how the hell do you spell that name without looking it up? When I first heard about the show I thought it was about the Mob!

    Celebs…who have no talent…remember Jon and Kate?…I think that was their names….who cares if you took a bunch of drugs and had 8 kids at once…ugh! And Paris Hilton…Nicole Richey???? ummm, living off daddy’s money doesn’t make you talented.

    I had no idea I was going to say all that. hahaha

    Oh..but Johnny Depp, CANNOT be gay!!! I’ve had way too many illicit dreams about him! (smile) Hey Johnny! When are you ever going to get around to filming Dark Shadows???? for years now you’ve been talking and putting out little teasers…hurry up or you’ll be too old to be Barnabus! : )

    nuf’ said.


  2. Bethany is the famous “Skinny Girl” cookbook author who I liked until I did catch her on housewives (think they are NY). I agree about George and believe Tom Cruise is also a hider; N-T-I-M!


  3. I care if George is gay. He can’t be gay. He HAS to be hetero. HE HAS TO HE HAS TO HE HAS TO. I love him. I’ve loved him before he was famous. He’s ALL MAN. HE”S A MANLY MAN.
    Don’t you EVER spread those kind of rumors again, EVER NEVER EVER or I’ll report you to someplace and you won’t like it ONE BIT.
    This is a warning and I mean it. I’m not kidding.


  4. Oh I so agree! I luv John and George and dont care if they’re gay…not my business who they do the snuggles with….lol. My hero is also Ellen! She is so who I wish I coulda been! All that talent, so caring and giving! I would love to be rich and give people everything they need! Her and Portia seem so good together too. I hate the Kardashians…blobs…no talents…blow up dolls….greedy freaks…of course this is just my opinion…so for all the Kardaschian lovers out there…so sorry…but yuck. I loved Cary Grant and I loved Rock Hudson…Not that Cary ever came out and maybe he never was gay….but there were rumors…life is full of rumors, for the rich and famous and for elementary school students in Ohio. We all have untrue stuff said bout us. But I wish everyone who was gay was safe enough to admit it…its sad they feel they must hide something that is natural for them…it would be like hiding cuz you were born with brown eyes or something. And I LOVE The Church Lady with Dana Carvey!!! Omg…I usta laugh til I peed during his skits on SNL…him and the compulsive Liar with Jon Lovitt….good times…lol…and of course seinfeld was a weekly thing…now nightly…love it. Great post again! I’ve got time to read tonite…catching up on sum blogs and even found sum new ones!


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