What Would YOU Do, If You Were Not Afraid?*


*Reminder, this is a game, it’s not taking into account that I would be leaving my family. More hypothetical than actual. What would YOU do if you were not afraid…..share your answers in the comment section.

I think about things that appeal to me yet also scare me at the same time. My first answer is that I would travel all over the world, alone. I would also want to live in a foreign country for a year and not worry about the language barriers, not worry about anything. I’ve always said I wanted to live in different places and that would be something I would do.

I wouldn’t have a time-table, just an open return flight and tons of money to spend (now you can say it’s really a fantasy). I would go to places I’ve never been, or at least not been since I was a child and flying with my parents on free airline tickets.  I would visit Sweden and Copenhagen and Norway, Italy, the South of France in the springtime, Japan but only if I didn’t have to eat sushi. (oh right, I’m not supposed to worry about ANYTHING) okay, I’d eat steaming rice and tasty noodles in a fragrant broth.

I’d go to the islands of Greece and go to Israel after that. I would return to the US and stay home in the spring. Then, I would travel to places in the US : Atlanta, Chicago, Maine, Vermont, I’d spend time in Rhode Island too, California…..that’s just a start. I would want to visit the North and South Carolina; I’d stop in Las Vegas too.

Traveling alone is first on my list, my only companion would be my laptop and my camera and perhaps a stuffed animal to cozy up to at night…..I would need a lot of money, of course, because I’m too old to backpack my way through Europe (actually I don’t think I was ever that type.) Find me a nice hotel and a soft bed with a down comforter and fluffy pillows, white lace curtains on open windows, my own bathroom and a vase of wildflowers at my bedside.

4 thoughts on “What Would YOU Do, If You Were Not Afraid?*

  1. Some things I think I would have done if not for my disease. at least if I had the chance.
    I always wanted to go scuba diving…can’t see that with vertigo.
    rock climbing…ditto
    flying long distances…(I still may risk that, told my husband yesterday I want to start a savings for a trip to Australia! I really want to do that!!)
    I’d like to drive all across the country and in Canada and meet my blogging friends….but can’t drive now.

    If I wasn’t afraid, I’d go back to school, and become a therapist.
    I’d promote my art, and perhaps get paid for some of it.
    I’d meet new people.
    I’d become a parent.
    go on an artist retreat.
    go back to doing yoga (again vertigo..ugh)

    thanks for getting me thinking…and for some of that, I wonder…what am I so afraid of?


  2. “Find me a nice hotel and a soft bed with a down comforter and fluffy pillows, white lace curtains on open windows, my own bathroom and a vase of wildflowers at my bedside.” and George at my beck ‘n call.

    P.S. You’d better get your “beck” into shape


  3. You are ssoooo adventurous Big Sis!!! I’m not….wish I was…guess that would be the whole IF I WASN”T AFRAID…ahhhh, okay…lemme see….I would love to see Italy, Austrailia and Ireland! I would love to take a cruise thru Alaska! I would love to live in a tent in the woods for awhilie, just me, my dog, a stack of books and plenty of food/drinks….I would get on stage and sing Karoke somewhere…belt it out like Pat Benetar! heheh….
    I would prolly jump outta an airplane (parachute plz)….and go deep sea diving!!!! (I”m to afraid of sharks to go in the ocean right now…)
    Thats a few things I would do if I wasn’t afraid I guess…


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