Haiku Heights – Travel

I bite my cold lips

The blast of ice runs through me

I long for sunshine


I am in a dream

A sandy beach waits for me

My toes, lapping waves


Time, is not my friend

Dad, Nine years ago tonight

You left us for death


18 thoughts on “Haiku Heights – Travel

  1. Ooooh, this reminds me, I missed this Haiku Heights …. nice set of Haiku … this time of year reminds me of my dad’s passing as well … it will be 3 years soon.

    Have a great first week of the year!!


  2. I hope the new year treats your better.

    I understand your loss. Today…well after looking at the clock..yesterday was my mom’s birthday.

    We were talking about her today. It’s been 19 years. I only got to know her for 30 (she died 2 weeks before my birthday). How could it have been so long ago.

    Last year on my mother’s date of death…I had a party for her. I brought pictures and we all ate her favorite food..pizza…I had people who knew her write something they remembered about her that was special. (most of those people couldn’t be at the party, but the notes were read) We remembered her, and had a grand time.
    (I’d like more days like that, instead of the tears I privately shed for her nearly every day.)

    thinking of you


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