Mellow Yellow Monday

Volkswagon Beetle

Image by Karen Roe via Flickr

Inspired by my friend Becca Givens, I’ve decided to become a part of this sunny group too. Yellow is my favorite color and we just painted our house a sunny yellow with white shutters. I’m going to pretend it’s a beach house even when it’s snowing like crazy! I love my yellow Cape house, it’s not very spacious at all but it’s lovely to look at. My dream was always to have a yellow, Volkswagon Beetle, the adorable bugs from a few years ago but alas, we got a Mazda family car instead. Sometimes you just have to improvise and feel yellow inside. Happy Happy to all!

14 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow Monday

  1. Joe-Man painted our house this past summer. I wanted a yellow house with white trim so bad but nobody else thought it would look good. Everytime we see one while driving I point it out…oh well, we settled on a sage greeny kind of color. At least they painted it finally.

    I love the old VW bugs. My best friend had two different ones, an orange one and a baby blue one. I learned how to drive a stick shift in those cars.


  2. You will be very jealous of me…
    I have a convertible Volkswagen Beetle.
    Hope I can drive it again soon, but I still enjoy riding in it.
    I LOVE my car.
    Yellow has always been my favorite color, I’ve had 2 yellow Jeeps, and a yellow Focus…the must have color for me and cars. Our house is a very pale yellow.

    Once I applied for a job and one of my references said, if I had to describe Wendy as a color it would be Yellow!

    I had to laugh at that. I got the job. Luckily, it was for an artsy job, so they enjoyed the Yellow description.

    So…Yellow – it just makes me happy!!!


  3. OMG….my computer is being nuts! It kept saying it couldn’t post my post, and I would look and it wouldn’t be there…so i posted again and again….and again…hahahaha! Now I look and they are ALL there!!!! Hope u can remove some of them….i looked and didn’t see how I could….sorry…I’m really in the thickest brainfog of the centruy today….geeze.


  4. Love this one! I have ALWAYS wanted a yellow house with white shutters and a yellow VW!!!!!! No joke!!!! I was gonna have a yellow daisy hanging on my rearview mirror! hahahah! That is so strange!!! We def hav brains or hearts that have the same tastes!!!

    Someday….maybe we can both have both!!!

    Have a great week Laurie Lou!!!


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