When Saying NO is Harder Than Saying YES

Two friends

I usually talk out situations with people until they are resolved in my mind, in both our minds, to each others satisfaction. I hate confusion and murky waters. But I’ve decided, today, that sometimes it really is better for both parties, during a misunderstanding (if you can even call it that) to step back and let a little time pass. Hurt feelings on both ends take time. I need to stay centered myself and remind myself, which is really hard sometimes, of my own tree: “I Am A Tree” https://hibernationnow.wordpress.com/2011/12/17/i-am-a-tree/. Sometimes when there is a whirlwind of activity things throw me off kilter and then I need to steady myself. Always, inside, I know what feels right and what the truth is and that is unshakable, it is also a gift.

I don’t want to fight with anyone, I don’t want to cause anyone harm or pain or discomfort, I NEVER DID but I also need to stay true to myself. Right now, with an ailing, elderly mother, much stress from the house and the financial situation, I need to concentrate on my family and our own situation. Sometimes, I need help too.

I mean no harm, to anyone, never did, never will. We all need to find our own paths to take to find peace and happiness and a sense of well-being. Sometimes it’s the internet itself that brings confusion, nuances are misconstrued, there is a lack of feeling that doesn’t come across.

So, for me, I’m staying in touch with my emotions and with my reality. I’m not leaving, losing or forgetting. I am the same person I always was and hope to be. May everyone’s day be filled with hope and sunshine and great possibilities for the future. I wish everyone peace, love, good health and great joy. Be true to yourself, that is what I strongly suggest. Be True To Yourself, Always.

3 thoughts on “When Saying NO is Harder Than Saying YES

  1. take good care of yourself. I do truly hope that your problems and issues can get resolved or dealt with, and that you can find peace, calm, and happiness. that’s what you deserve.


  2. I think this is a nice post Laurie! Its very true that we all need to be true to ourselves, also true that sometimes we all have to take a step back and try to concentrate on our own needs, even when we care deeply about the needs of other as well.

    Also true that sometimes conversations via the internet can get misunderstood…there’s no way to see facial expressions, voice inflections, and no physical gestures…so it can sound or seem different than intended.

    I know that all the friends I have in cyberville are people I care about alot, even without ever meeting in person. I know I never would intentionally hurt any of them. I think its hard when you care about people and you know they are hurting and theres nothing you can do…it feels like you’re helpless…and when you have your own illness and other problems…sometimes ya just gotta do like in an airplane….get your own oxygen first…then care for the person next to you.

    I know everyone understands this…xo


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