Staying Warm During Winter

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Stay With Me

Sit in front of the fireplace, with a soft shawl wrapped around me, my hands cupped around a mug of extra sweet, hot chocolate filled with puffy white marshmallows. Relaxing with the sounds of the logs crackling and watching the sparks fly off into the fireplace like fireflies in the summer night sky.


Stay in bed, huddled under three or four quilts, my head resting on two pillows, curled up in the fetal position. You can barely see me, except for a couple of inches of my face. I’m so happy to be here instead of outside where the wind is harshly hitting the fragile trees and the ice is coming down like pellets striking people in the face. I’m so happy to be here, so happy to be me.

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2 thoughts on “Staying Warm During Winter

  1. Love the last sentence.

    It was so lovely here today. We actually took the top off my Beetle and went for a short ride. (I did have on a Grace Kelly scarf, and sweater, with the heated seats on…but it was in the low 60’s had to take advantage while we could!)

    I’m sure we’ll see freezing rain and ice soon enough. What a difference from last year….we had snow and ice all winter! Both of these are unusual, usually we have a little snow and ice…but not weather like this in January! Woot! I’m not complaining!!


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