If You Could Commit A Minor Crime (With No Consequences) What Would You Do?

Released into the public domain by PETA.

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I asked (and answered) this question to myself just yesterday as I was parked on a side street in another town. I sat sipping my cup of coffee and watched a parade of women walk down the street wearing different kinds of fur coats. I know, I know, it’s a controversial subject and I am not really for any type of violence but I was imagining taking large cans of red paint and tossing them on the coats a la like slushies on the television show Glee.

These women looked rich, really rich and they were wearing animals, dead animals and I hated it. Don’t give me the speeches about the animals are bred for fur coats and how warm they really keep you, deep inside I think that it is wrong. My own mother owns and wears fur coats and I hate it. My sister, however, will inherit them all since I have no interest in them. When I took my mother to the doctor the other day she was wearing a dead bunny jacket and it made me sick. She used to try to not wear these things when I was around, now she apparently doesn’t care or doesn’t remember. Given that my daughter is a strict vegetarian, maybe she would be more inclined not to wear it when she is around.

That’s my fantasy crime, I would NEVER do it, I don’t believe in doing it, I don’t believe in any act of violence. I don’t support PETA because they do those type of things but it certainly sends a message. It’s how the message gets across and the act of violence itself that I don’t support….except in my dreams.

What crime would you commit if you could get away with it?

13 thoughts on “If You Could Commit A Minor Crime (With No Consequences) What Would You Do?

  1. I agree about the fur coats! But have seen some remarkable fakes.
    I used to want a silver fox coat…but that was when I was young, and didn’t really think it came from a real fox…I thought they were all fake.
    I was shocked when I found out they actually raised animals just for their fur…ewww.

    but, a crime I would commit if I could get away with it….ummm,
    I once saw a woman abusing a child. I called Child services, but I wanted to seriously hurt or kill that woman. (I actually saw her chase the child in the yard with a knife in hand.) So I would avenge children who cannot help themselves and the court system lets down.


  2. I don’t know. It used to make me angry. Now it only makes me sad. As for what crime would I commit? I think I’d like to be a reverse identity thief. I’d steal the identity of some of those fur-bags and instead give ’em the ID of some of these people that live not so far from me. Let them see what it’s REALLY like too be old and sick and having to live in public housing. And THEN let ’em tell me people oughtta have to pass a damn piss test to afford that luxury.


  3. There is at least one organization that takes old fur coats and makes teddy bears for needy kids, or teddy bears for relaltives of those whose who owned the coats as rememberances. Don’t know if that helps with your feelings about fur; but at least some of these coats can get recycled into something for those in need or as a rememberance of someone they cared for. Finding an outlet like that for my mother’s fur coats has been on my mind. She came from a different generation; folks should know better now.


  4. The question is: Do you wear leather? If so, watch out…strict animal rights activists might throw red paint on you too! My fantasy crime would be: sterilize Casey Anthony.


    • Oh, I do wear leather. But at least the whole cow is used. I tried to not wear leather for a while, but I’m allergic to wool, and finding a warm coat that isn’t wool, or leather is hard. However, I eat beef, so why waste the hide? (I know the local rancher’s here, sell the hides to leather makers…I don’t know what you’d call them…tanners?)
      (we only eat meat from local, organic, and ethically raised sources. I wish I knew that my leather came from the same sort of farm.


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