Mellow Yellow Monday: My House

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After our very VERY long construction (or should I say destruction) of our house, we ended up painting our little cottage happy yellow with white shutters. Only the doors are blue. I love the way the paint looks, how can you not smile when you see a yellow house with white shutters? You can’t! The color of our little house is the same color as this beautiful rose. While it is not a beach house (I wish) it does remind me of the houses I have seen on Cape Cod. So, even though I shudder with the cold weather, once I have seen the warm yellow of the house and the shiny white of the shutters I try to pretend we’re in a warm climate. Does it work? Sometimes. It definitely reminds me of summer and butterflies and buttercups. Summer can’t be too far away, can it?

5 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow Monday: My House

  1. ohhh….I’ve always loved yellow houses with white shutters! My grandpa and I talk about that alot, theres one near his home we always say has made us smile over the years! Its wonderful for you to have something to smile about everytime you pull in ur drive! xoxo


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