Carry On Tuesday- Come Fly With Me

Boynton Canyon - Sedona Arizona

Image by Al_HikesAZ via Flickr

Come fly with me and let me clutch your hand so that even if I feel the tiniest bit afraid in the beginning, I know you are here for support. We will travel over mountain tops and swoop over canyons as if we were birds soaring easily for food and flight. We have no responsibilities, except to have fun and for adventure to find us and for us to drink it in like wine, the shade of crimson roses. This is the adventure we have waited for, for so many years and we deserve this window of light looking straight out on to the  world. Wherever we go, we have each other, our own constant, for as long as it lasts. The images out of this small window are delightful. Now, we are flying above puffy, springy white clouds, I almost want to leap out through the window to jump on them, with you, my love, still holding on, to my hand.

4 thoughts on “Carry On Tuesday- Come Fly With Me

  1. I got dizzy just reading this. I’d love to fly with you, but I’d be holding on for dear life. : )
    (man I hate having a vestibular disorder sometimes.)

    Fly…Fly…have a wonderful time!

    (love the photo. Looks like the view from the place I lived when I was in AmeriCORPS, it’s like the Peace Corp but in America. I was in Blanding, Utah working with the Ute and Navaho…great people.)



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