It’s OK To Be OK


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A friend of mine wrote a post recently about whether she should strive for stardom or just be satisfied with mediocrity, (my very loose translation.) It’s a subject that has been on and off my mind for years and one that I’ve never answered. After reading her very well written blog: (Phylorsblog) I had an answer for myself. I don’t need stardom or unbridled stress like that of a frisky colt rearing up on a smoky ranch. As soon as I decided that writing was for enjoyment and for my blog, I felt lighter, happier and clearer than I have felt for years.

It’s interesting that if I had asked myself the question I probably would have been inundated with anxiety and stress but that didn’t happen. I don’t know what her answer will be to the question she posed but I’m happy with my answer. Everyone dreams of being famous and making a lot of money, I’m content where I am. I used to dream of being “famous” and then realized I liked my anonymity a lot more than being surrounded by strangers, watching and criticizing my every move.

I’m fairly low maintenance, it doesn’t take much to make me happy, I get excited about little things and I tend to amuse myself. I’m definitely child-like and I appreciate my humor even when no one else does; that doesn’t bother me in the least. I’m sometimes too sensitive, true, but it’s who I am. I’m 55 and have less angst today than I did in my twenties; do we have a choice? I choose to not cover the few gray hairs in my brown, curly hair, I feel that I have earned them.

When the snow finally starts to melt and the soggy, mush of ice-water remains, I will hold on, when I can, to try to avoid slipping and falling with my loose bones. Not everything is perfect at 55, but then again, nothing was perfect at any age. I do the best I can each day, sometimes it hurts a little more, sometimes a little less. I’m fine with where I am now, I’m content. That’s as close to happy as I can imagine.

6 thoughts on “It’s OK To Be OK

  1. To me, your writing will alwasy be more than OK — it will be fantastic, evocative, passionate, descriptive, stunning and stirring — whatever else is going on in your life in terms of OK.


  2. You my big sis r more than ok. You r beautiful, inside n out! You r a great sis, caring friend, all arounf great person! An amazing writer n poet You are famous with ur blog family and more! Ive been feelin icky and not blogging or readin much…but i try to always read u n a couple othrs. Cuz u my dear, bypassed okay looong ago..u are on ur way to the moon sweetie! Keep up ur momentum! & Remember us little guys when ur doin the book circuit! XoxoX
    Luv, Tammy (Lil sis)


  3. Hey, you ARE famous in blogland! At least MY blogland. When you are famous in blogland you never have to brush your teeth, comb your hair or worry about having so much money that your friends are jealous of you and think you’ve become a snob because you got a REMODELED KITCHEN which they want too . . . .
    I could go on but I won’t cuz as you know I could go on . . .


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