My Sports Teams

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Rah Rah?

Go ahead, BOO and HISS. I don’t root for any team really. Just not into sports, never was, never will be. When I moved to Boston in my young twenties I was lectured on who to root for so I tried to root for the Boston Red Sox and since I got married and we had our children in Boston, that’s the only time I felt somewhat of a connection to a team. I remember going to a professional cocktail party and making the mistake of asking who the Boston Celtics were? Someone almost hit me! So, I learned quickly but sports was never in my blood. Since then, we moved back to our hometown of New York and while here the Yankees rule, I secretly still root for the Red Sox because I do, in a way, feel sorry for them. They seem to choke at the last-minute and who can’t relate to that? I guess I’m for the under-dog…..

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6 thoughts on “My Sports Teams

  1. yeah, not a big sports fan myself.

    I like going to games, but watching them on TV…snore!

    I like baseball much more than any other sport. People complain that it’s slow, maybe that’s why I like it, I can keep up…haha

    We have a local team here The Durham Bulls…who are the farm team for the Miami Devil Rays. (Yes the same Durham Bulls from the movie Bull Durham! But they’ve moved up to a single A team…that’s one down from the majors.) Going to those games are a blast!!

    I actually used to coach a boys team. ages 13 -16…fun! I knew nothing about baseball when I got roped into it. Showed up at a game with a friend and the boys coach didn’t show, they would have had to forfeit without a coach, so I stepped in…thinking it was just for the day..nope! For 3 years! haha great kids, and I’ve had a soft spot for baseball ever since.

    About major league baseball, I haven’t been interested since the big strike they had…ugh! But I’ve always had a soft spot for the Braves…who used to lose all the time!

    *hubby does like football though, and sometimes I really wish I was interested*


      • thank you Laurie.

        I did know most of the rules, I had kept score for an ex’s soft ball team. And the boys helped a lot. One of their uncle’s stepped up to be the assistant coach, I tried to get him to coach, but he said he’d have to miss too many games because of work, and “besides, the boys like you.”

        I was a novelty. It was funny watching the other coaches that first season when they saw me…in my early 20’s coaching teenage boys.
        You know, now that I say that, I’m glad no one thought I was a pervert. Or perhaps they did. ewww. I sure hope not. (I’m sure they would today.)


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