Sorry, Whitney, I Have No Tears Left

Whitney Houston  Central Park, NYC  September ...

Whitney Houston Central Park, NYC September 1, 2009 (Photo credit: asterix611)

Sure, I gasped when I read the headlines last night that Whitney Houston, an incredibly talented singer had died. I gasped in shock for the unexpected news but after that, I didn’t cry. I couldn’t, I had nothing to cry about. So, instead of being sad, I felt incredibly MAD. Mad like, is anyone going to LEARN something about drugs and alcohol (allegedly) and using and abusing? How many more people have to die before someone gets it and says “You know, might not be such a smart idea to party all the time.” WHAT DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?

We have lost, NO, we have not lost them, they lost themselves to drugs and alcohol (yeah, yeah, allegedly). Do I really need to name them? Fine, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse. Go back in time: Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, and I am just listing a few examples from hundreds.  Such amazing talent from so many people gone, because they wasted their lives partying. I know addiction is an illness and it’s hard to beat but there are places to go to and programs to attend if you really, really want to stop and change.

Where was her family? Dionne Warwick, wasn’t she her aunt? Did Whitney have a mom named Cissy? I could be wrong. Cousins? Best friends? Old, clean, boyfriends and girlfriends? WHERE THE HELL WERE ALL OF YOU? I know it’s not your fault, it’s Whitney’s. Whitney, you had so many YEARS to try and get sober and clean. Did you once think of your daughter. My G-d, how selfish is that? Does the word “intervention” sound familiar to any of you?

I’m just frustrated with this culture you “stars” live in and I know it is not limited to celebrities. Are we glorifying these singers/actors/stars with our moments of silence and our adoration? Well, now we must buy ” The Best Of…….”They killed themselves, willingly or not, for a long time using drugs and alcohols and pills and whatever else was printed on their personal menus. Enough is enough. They are not heroes to me. They are poor, lost souls who had everything and lost it for fame.

On a more personal note: Lindsey Lohan: I’m still watching YOU.

5 thoughts on “Sorry, Whitney, I Have No Tears Left

  1. This post saddened me.
    Please to not take offense.
    But we cannot judge her without living her life.
    We don’t know how often she reached for help and it may not have been there.
    How much of her addictions were caused by mental illness.

    I simply feel sorrow that she could not find a way out before it was too late.


    • I would NEVER take offense for your honesty, never. and you are right, I don’t know the mental handicaps, if any. but time? She had SO much time and I think I am just so frustrated for all these young men and women NOT learning from others mistakes. and I’m scared, it’s horrifying, probably more fearful than mad. I wrote that when I just heard so of course it was raw. I feel saddened and helpless that a lot of people get so hooked on drugs, with or without handicaps, it’s pure pain. I love your points of view always, you are a dear and truthful friend. That means a lot to me, always. And you are right too. I shouldn’t judge, I just felt so upset!!!

      Warm wishes, Laurie



      • I do understand.

        I think I’ve been around mental illness and addiction more than many, and realize there are just so many stories…each person has a story.

        Luckily some can over come addiction. But it’s very hard, and it takes a lot of support.

        I think one of the biggest problems with people who want to get sober, they can’t break away from all their friends, and possibly family who enabled it in the first place. They feel they need their support and love, it’s so hard going through all of that, and these people love you, and supposedly support you…often supporting you right back to the addiction.

        I do wish more people would realize it’s just not worth the risk of even trying it. But I don’t think anyone expects to get addicted.

        I’m glad I didn’t upset you.
        thank you for listening.


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