How Often I (DON'T) Travel

Just Who Made Up This Plinky Prompt (and were they younger than 25?)

Private Yacht

Dear Plinky,

Does this prompt really ask "How often do you get the chance to leave town for a trip?" All I can respond with is: Are you tripping?" Leave town……trip, really not words used in a the same sentence for a mom whose husband works full- time,(for less pay) mostly in another state? Have you read about the economy? I guess I could say something ridiculous like: Skip and I (you can call me Vanessa) take our private jet to Bermuda or The Hamtons several times every month, whenever we feel like it……we then board the yacht we have docked there"but that annoys even me.

Wake up and smell the coffee, Plinky. If you are talking about a vacation, at the most once every few years. If our house hasn't been destroyed (this year) or my husband hadn't been unemployed (2 years before.) and we didn't have to pay off a loan, maybe we could think about it.

Maybe you Plinky Prompters are very young, like 22 years old or even as old as 25 and your life is fun and happy but here's a tip for the future: Everyone gets older, and some day you will too. So enjoy it now, because later on you won't be able to leave town whenever you want. It's called being a grown-up and living in the real world. Enjoy your youth, be happy, take chances now, while you still can. Peace and blessings. Laurie

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