Discovering New Books

The Borders book store at the mall.

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Dear Borders, I Miss You.

Once upon a time, in my perfect world, there was a bookstore named Borders in the next big town over. Unfortunately, my life took a huge dive when they closed, my social life as well. Borders was such a great place to meet up with friends, you could both look for books and have coffee downstairs and talk. I would go there at least twice a week if not more. Since they closed, I have certainly have saved money and I use the library much more often, I miss having a place to look at new books.

There used to be a small independent bookstore in my town but that closed too, a devastating loss to the community. I think it’s a horrible situation, are the only bookstores on-line now? That seems sad to me.

I get ideas on-line from looking at, from magazines that review books, from the NY Times Book Review or from a glance at a book cover I find riveting. I ask friends what they are reading or do research on new fiction and non-fiction books. I love the library system and I appreciate them, now more than ever, but I do miss Borders, in every possible way. I thought of it as my home away from home, with their big comfy chairs and everyone talking books. I would start random conversations with strangers perusing books, it was its own community. Sigh, it’s a new world; not one that I particularly like.

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4 thoughts on “Discovering New Books

  1. I too used to like Boarders. But I am more of a library girl now.
    We have a beautiful library. So open and airy, with the big comfy chairs to sit and read…
    and heck…
    what friends do i have?
    I can just bring you along with my laptop.
    of course normally you are just in bed with me lately.

    ahhh, Boarders, I was so very in love with a guy who was the assistant manager at Boarders…I’m so glad he broke my heart.!

    Luckily we do still have a nice local bookstore that has a coffee shop downstairs and has authors come…nice…and we still have Barnes and Noble…but I just look…I’m a library girl now, if I can get it there I will!!!
    I need to get rid of some books.


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