Plinky Prompt: Do You Consider Yourself Religious?

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    Sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Laguna Beach, Calif I consider myself very spiritual and culturally religious. I like to be with our whole family on religious occasions. I like to do the right things and try to treat others as I want to be treated. Granted, it’s hard to do sometimes but it is something everyone should work on. I work on patience (especially when I am driving.) I do believe in a higher being and that things happen for a reason. I may not be religious in a standard, conventional way, but in my heart and soul, I definitely am.
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2 thoughts on “Plinky Prompt: Do You Consider Yourself Religious?

  1. I am steeped in my Baha’i spiritual beliefs but I do not belong to the organized Baha’i religion.
    After many many decades of being agnostic I discovered that the Baha’i tenants of there only being one God, that we are all connected and that each of the major religions prophets were manifestations of God sent to particular epochs and areas to bring the concepts of compassion, love, unity etc. were what I actually always believed. The more I read about Baha’i the more it rang true for me.
    I attempt to live my life from love – not always successful – but it is a guiding force in my life!


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