Plinky Prompt: Which Do You Prefer….White, Milk or Dark Chocolate?

  • Mmmm, Chocolate
  • My Heart Belongs To……….
    Lindt Lindor I started off loving white chocolate as a girl until it reminded me of butter and the thrill of that was gone….it isn’t EVEN chocolate kept sticking in my mind so I don’t like it anymore. Thanks for the memories, though.
    After that it was milk chocolate or NOTHING. I adore milk chocolate, I think it’s sweet and sensual and truly there is nothing better than having a Lindt milk chocolate ball melt in your mouth slowly. It’s a tiny slice of heaven each and every time (and no, I am not paid by Lindt chocolates.) However, since I have been on my healthy living diet, I have cut out a lot of sweets, most sweets actually. Now, my indulgence at night is a square or two of dark chocolate. (I know, I know!!!) I can hardly believe it myself, but it’s true. Things that I had eaten before (not to mention Twinkies and Snowballs, on occasion) I can’t even touch. Milk chocolate is even too sweet.
    So, for the moment I would have to choose dark chocolate but deep inside, I do feel like a traitor. While my body eats dark chocolate now, my heart belongs to milk chocolate, no doubt about it.

9 thoughts on “Plinky Prompt: Which Do You Prefer….White, Milk or Dark Chocolate?

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  2. Every year for a Christmas gift the Hubby buys Lindt chocolates and fills up a gift bag with an assortment of those wonderful mouthfuls of heaven. All the ladies would get this same gift, me my SIS and my Mom. There used to be a Lindt store in the mall here, and you could walk around and pick what you wanted. He would customize each bag to our favorites and we would compare and sometimes trade. That store had flavors that I have not seen since they closed. Orange, raspberry and mint…. but my favorite is still the milk chocolate! So send over your milk chocolates and you can have all my dark ones


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