An Open Letter To My Fat Clothes

My mixed up salad

Dear Fat Clothes,

The first thing I have to say is: DON’T WORRY! I am in no way getting rid of you, not now, not ever. Forget what they say in all those Weight- Anonymous -Watch- What -You Are -Eating – Weigh- In -Clubs. I say NO. After being a three life-time membership winner to one of the above happy family groups I say, don’t listen. I will NOT throw you out or give you away because there is that chance that I will slip back to my slovenly ways again. I might. I’m not saying I want to but the truth is that it’s a possibility and I need to deal with that.

If it makes me feel better to have a corner in the back of my closet that have looser clothes for when I fluctuate (that I can theoretically wear on grundgy days) so be it. It makes me feel good to know that I have them. In fact, I believe you will find a whole array of sizes in my closet like a mini-mart of clothes. That’s alright too. Maybe I will get thinner some day, maybe I won’t. Right now I am comfortable where I am; I am right where I usually end up and if I put an effort into exercising a little more each day I will be downright proud.

The most important thing is that my eating habits have changed completely. I make healthy choices, yes to salad and vegetables, fruit and chicken; no to Twinkies and Snowballs. I haven’t had red meat for the last three months but I am considering eating it a burger on the grill sometime in the near future.

I hate to admit it but smaller portions and moderation are key. Also, I never drank any fluids during the day except my first cup of really strong coffee but I try to drink water now and have limited diet soda drinks, though haven’t cut it out completely (I’m working on it).

I’m not skinny nor am I fat, I’m comfortable, eating well and I’m sure my cholesterol is down. (It better be.)

So clothes, don’t despair, you are not going anywhere. You are staying here with me. Right where I need you and where you belong.

Love, Me

9 thoughts on “An Open Letter To My Fat Clothes

  1. You deserve a short shopping trip — even if it’s on line. There are some sites that let you “create” your body shape, and help you decide what would be both comfortable and not “fat” nor “skinny” clothes.
    If you are eating better, then your body will reward you with something — weight loss, redistribution, glow, more energy. It’s not easy to go from the “yo-yo” dieting a lot of folks are dealing with.
    Wendy: your motivation could be to find a healthy weight buddy — some one to encourage changes to your diet (within your resistrictions) that help you reach a better weight for your particular issues.
    My body naturally produces high cholestrol, up and down glucose, and now insulin production (rather than I expected would be cortosal) issues due to the never ending stress.
    I’ve been humming “you will survive;” not the relationship part, but about the strength we can dredge up at times.
    Good luck to both closets. Since I have IBS, I always had to have clothes in several clothes depending on how much bloating and (excuse the yuck factor) constipation was going on. Now, I’ve had to put all my “used to fit” clothes away, and gasp, have been wearing sweats (and my usual yoga pants) out in public. Granted these are super-low rise sweats so nothing like a waist band touches my abdomen.
    Hear I go bambling again — guess cuz I’m lucky if I read every 3rd of 4th blog entry despite all my good intentions. And we won’t even mention what road is paved with good intentions — and it isn’t the yellow brick kind, lol!
    Sorry — maybe someday, I’ll start bambling on my own blog!


  2. Wendy, I know what you mean, when you don’t feel good you eat what they give you or what is easiest to make yourself. That is why I eat a lot of cereal, no cooking involved. When I was really sick and once after a surgery, the Hubs filled up a cooler with juice boxes, and little applesauce things, bagels, and fruit. I had it right in my room so I really had everything I needed.

    And like Laurie said, you shouldn’t be thinking about your weight! Wait until you have everything sorted out and feel better.


  3. Fat clothes…skinny clothes….AARRGG! Right now I have a pair of jeans hanging on my closet door so everytime I walk in there they sing to me….”10 more pounds and I will fit you perfect”. I can get them on, but can’t breath or move. They are a size 14 which is still big to most people, but I have been a big as a size 22, so 14 is great! Keep up your hard work. If I could only add exercise! If we lived close we could walk together and gossip. That would be so nice.


    • Sis, the green jeans is my point, toss them to the back of the closet and don’t look at them. (14 sounds good to me too)  wear what fits and is comfy. walking is the only thing i (don’t) do. but if we were neighbors we’d nag each other enough so we would make each other do it. buy comfy pants, pj pants are a must!

        Warm wishes, Laurie



  4. Yay You!!!
    I’ve been trying….Oh that’s a lie. I’ve been trying to try. But when I’m sick, and hubby is giving me food, well, I eat what’s given. I may grumble, but I eat.
    and then I start to feel shaky, because it wasn’t nutritious probably, and I eat a little more…and do feel better…but how many calories did I just eat?
    He promises we will eat better.
    I have to lose weight.
    This brain disorder demands that I lose at least 25 lbs…soon. I need to lose about 55.

    I’m very proud of you.

    I’ll be getting there. I will. things are so difficult…but I will join you.

    (oh, and your package should go out tomorrow our Tuesday)

    hugs to less of you.


    • Wendy, you should NOT be thinking about weight right now. we will do it together (still) when you are ready. now eat for comfort (all the things you need). those stupid salads will always be there.  oh, and I’m so excited and have no idea about the present…!!!  we will be away for a few days so if you don’t hear from me that’s why. love you honey, stay well. Laurie

        Warm wishes, Laurie



      • unfortunately, I have to worry about the weight…..*sad face*
        this new disorder does not like extra weight…supposedly I will feel better with a few pounds gone…but they aren’t saying it caused it, they know it was here long before the weight was, they just didn’t diagnose it right.

        but it’s going to be so dang hard.

        have fun where ever you will be.
        and you will just giggle at your little gift, do not expect much…it’s really just a little silly thing.


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