Kreativ Blogger Award – THANK YOU


Shirley_Temple (Photo credit: hto2008)

I love it! My thanks to     Special thanks to Phylor’s Blog AND DogKisses Blog for this wonderful award!

With this award I am supposed to tell you things about me that you may not know:

1) Pizza with grape jelly is one of my favorite food combinations.

2) I LOVE old Shirley Temple movies.

3) When I was young I had 3 goldfish, named Bagel, Lox and Cream Cheese.

4) Collecting seashells is one of my most favorite things to do.

5) I sometimes get frightened of new things; I’ve learned that with 24 hours, I adjust well.

6) I worked for a few days for a catering/ food place but they fired me when I wanted to give a little girl a free sugar cookie. Enough said!

7) I try to be patient but impatience presents itself while I am driving, I’m working on that.

8) I wish I knew one craft, just one but so far Pintrest is the only thing I consider a craft. I’m seriously addicted.

9) My initals spell out LAF which I have always liked.

10) My favorite time is 11:11.

Thanks again for reading my blog, check out Phylors Blog and Dogkisses Blog too. I am grateful to these two very kind and strong women. They both made my day a very happy one.

6 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award – THANK YOU

  1. I keep having problems getting wordpress and other blogs to accept my comments, so I will try again.
    A well-deserved award, and I have something this perfect for you!
    It’s NPR’s 3 minute fiction contest — a 600 word piece of prose that starts with a particular sentence — something like “She put down the book . . . and walked out the door. You could run with that (like the various incredibly good carryone tuesday and other posts; several could be slightly revised by adding the intro sentence.. I think the url is minute fiction. I’ll double check for you. I know you don’t like deadlines — but you are meeting all the carry-on, Mellow Yellow Monday, etc time frames.
    Your prose is definitely on the level you could submit something!
    Good luck.


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