Plinky Prompt: Would You Ever Take A Cruise?

  • Cruisin’
  • “The Love Boat”
    DSC01216, Midnight Buffet, Celebrity Cruise Ship Century I have taken a cruise and yes, I would go again. If you are on a cruise it really doesn’t matter what the destination is, it’s the journey there and back that truly counts. I’m not sure I would do it again for a long time. Cruises, known for their gastronomical, orgasmic and plentiful meals are both aphrodisiacs and toxic for people like me. I’m not sure I could resist overeating and gluttony on a cruise (let’s face it: no way) and lately I have been eating healthy foods. That said, I think everyone should go on a cruise once. Being out on the water, is so peaceful, I can’t think of anything better than watching the waves from your deck chair in the sun. Take advantage of the shows that the cruise offers too, they are often very entertaining.
    As long as I am still able to travel and fly, I would like to go to another country and explore it instead of cruising to a destination for a few hours, shopping at a local tourist shop and heading back. Cruises can be magical, the midnight buffets with the ornate ice sculptures are overwhelmingly beautiful; everyone should experience that, at least once.

7 thoughts on “Plinky Prompt: Would You Ever Take A Cruise?

  1. The best thing I remember is the COFFEE…..the very best I have ever had…the steward said it is the fact that the water is so hot that it goes into the coffee as steam, which cools from vapor into the liquid we call coffee….better than Starbucks, for sure!


  2. I always wanted to….but NO. Somehow Vertigo and ocean just don’t seem to mix to me. But I would love to…I just don’t see it.
    no…I don’t even dare.

    I hear ya…you don’t feel it…tell that to someone who feels like they are on a boat on land. oh no. I wouldn’t be able to look out at the ocean.

    I’m nauseous.


      • you know I’m very isolated, this is the only way I get out. : (
        I must have my fun somewhere. *big poutty face”

        You can always choose not to read it all.
        you know, I don’t know, but I think I talk like that too….sometimes.
        often, I just listen.
        was told by Stuart that since I’m alone all the time, I don’t know how to shut up, so now I try very hard to just listen…..
        now look what I’ve done.

        see what being alone all the time can do a person?
        and my head hurts.
        please turn off the sun!


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