Mellow Yellow Monday – Taylor Swift

Country pop singer Taylor Swift performs on th...

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Yellow is my favorite color, it makes me smile. It comes in so many forms, daffodils, “duckies”, sunshine, warmth. However, even if I don’t know all of  this weeks contender for Mellow Yellow Monday’s music very well, how can I not choose Taylor Swift, golden girl in her yellow dress?  She’s perfect and lovely, and I will now listen to her music too.

Join me in giving a round of applause to Taylor Swift, my Mellow Yellow Monday award finalist!

4 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow Monday – Taylor Swift

  1. Yellow is also my favorite color!

    Now, OK…interesting, you pick on me for having such a long post. Then you make like 5 posts in one day? How is that different?
    I could have broken mine up I guess, but you know my brain just doesn’t think that way right now…it’s just….spit it to get this thought out or I’ll lose it mode.
    oh wait…this one was done on another day….so it was 4 post in one day…all the difference in the world. oh yes. *snicker*

    I liked the what you don’t know about me post BTW.
    and getting ready…for the grief….is not a bad idea. But our dog is 19, you may have a long time yet. Now Sandy has enough stuff going on we need to start preparing ourselves, but it’s hard. No matter how “prepared” you are…we will grieve a very long time. Yes, she is that special to us.

    sorry not commenting on all. very tired today, but read all, as you see.


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