Plinky Prompt: Do You Watch Reality TV Shows?

  • My Opinion of Reality TV
  • Survivor
    Survivor Finale I haven’t watched any reality TV shows in several years. I’ve never watched The Housewives Of Atlanta, DC or ANYWHERE nor do I plan to start. Just recently, my husband and I decided to watch Survivor again. I hate to admit it but we are thoroughly enjoying it, we’re hooked!
    There are so many differences now-everyone looks fit and well-fed, the contestants teeth are amazingly white and gleaming and their wardrobe looks like T.J. Maxx. When did the rules change? Remember when they only had the shirts they wore on their backs and one comfort item? Are they being fed behind the scenes? Hey, I’m not complaining but not having watched it for many years, things seem a little more cozy on the island than they did in the early years. Just sayin….”The Tribe Has Spoken.”

4 thoughts on “Plinky Prompt: Do You Watch Reality TV Shows?

  1. I think Reality TV shows….shudder…oh how did this ever get started.

    Then I’ll watch one and kind of enjoy some of it…but really, I couldn’t get hooked on it, and only some of them could I watch even an episode the whole way through.
    Unless….does Chopped count? Or Iron Chef? You know cooking shows where they compete?
    Now I wouldn’t watch Hell’s Kitchen, I don’t want to see that guy cuss all the time. But give me a good cooking competition! I can get into that!

    I think the shows I like are more of a game show. Different people every show.


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