Haiku Heights – Endurance

Rainbow bridge

Rainbow bridge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(In Memory of my dog, Callie)

Tears spill from my eyes

Cascading grief, come undone

Spread, advanced cancer.


Pain unfolds anew

Stab wounds in my broken heart

My world is dead black.


9 thoughts on “Haiku Heights – Endurance

  1. amazing writing to represent ur loss. i’m so sorry i wasnt around online when all this was going on. it would figure…i wouldn’t have access to the net when a catastophe was occuring for my friend….i’m here now if u need me…xoxoxo….I know no words can help make the pain go away, so I won’t try…but just know that I’ve been there…I feel ur pain now in my heart…luv ya big sis!


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