Plinky Prompt: Do you need coffee to wake up in the morning?

  • Coffee Is My Life
    Starbucks VIA I practically need coffee, triple strength, IV’d into my blood stream each and every morning. If I don’t feel like having coffee than I am terribly sick and need to go to the doctor, seriously. The only time I don’t want coffee is when I am ill and then I will drink tea with milk and sugar. Tea with milk and sugar for me equals illness. My husband and I use triple the amount of coffee that most people use for one mug of coffee; it’s Starbucks strength, bold, not necessarily the brand (only when we can afford it/ as a special treat) but the taste. We have used Bustello, Espresso, Melita and all kinds of coffee, the stronger it is, the better. When we travel we bring Starbucks’ Via packets along (and no, I do not work for Starbucks) to strengthen any weaker (and it’s all weaker) coffee we are served. Via packets (a brilliant invention, I might add) are singular packets of Starbucks coffee to add and strengthen whatever coffee you have ordered. Let’s face it, if you travel and you don’t know where the strong coffee is, it’s always handy to travel with Via. (I think Starbucks should compensate me for that, don’t you think?)

7 thoughts on “Plinky Prompt: Do you need coffee to wake up in the morning?

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  2. I don’t drink coffee, hubby does. Even often gets the Starbucks blend, but likes Larry’s Beans the best(when we can afford it) local roaster. (I typed that right but read rooster and just giggled..hehehe)

    So come over, Stuart can make the coffee what ever strength you like, and I’ll make something else for you. If it’s a good day, I can whip up something in a jiffy!

    But I do love carrot cake…dang Mo….you made me want carrot cake, do you know how long it takes for me to make the most perfect gluten free carrot cake in the world. *sigh* NO! I’m losing weight! so you wouldn’t want it any way right?

    Oh…but now I know how you can post 5 post in one day!
    and yes, you should be compensated. With product.


    • HA, at least you made me smile (again) I actually had no plans to post anything. because of course there will be one last Callie piece that will leave us all in tears, I’m sure. and I felt empty inside, feeling nothing but grief so I thought the Plinky prompts might help. Except that now I want carrot cake with Mo, coffee with Stuart and tea with you and all of us living on the same dang block. It’s not fair. and Wendy, I don’t even KNOW where you live, I did but I forgot. Gee, fibro fog, what a surprise? Gluten free??? You ARE my hero. and I did lose weight but it stopped and I can’t lose an ounce more. ever.

      Warm wishes, Laurie



      • I promise if you wanted I would make you my GF carrot cake, it is devine! I made it for a party of 25 once, no one knew it was GF. *wink*
        I live just south of you….right down the coast. North Carolina. Durham, right at Duke.

        You my dear are a woman after my mother’s own heart. She loved her coffee. All day, all night. don’t tell her it would keep you up, she drank it from the time she woke until she went to bed.
        You know I probably should have put a mug in her casket. oops.
        Hey, drink a mug for her will ya. Just say…hey this one’s for you Flip! She’ll get it.


      • North Carolina? That’s where we will retire or at least visit!!!! It’s on my list. The next cup will be for Flip. But, unlike her, I drink only one STRONG cup a day and maybe half a cup in the afternoon. Maybe. Next cup will be from you and me, with love.

        Warm wishes, Laurie



  3. I love my coffee…but not as much as you do! I drink regular strength coffee I guess, and when I got a Keurig for a gift, I thought it would be too strong. I put cream and sweet-n-low in it, and then still add a little water. I’m wimp.

    My son loves those Via packets. He considers himself an expert on coffee after working as a barista for a friend in his coffee house. This kid drinks his coffee so strong that I’m surprised that it doesn’t strip the color off the inside of the mugs. I think his days at the firehouse has only made it worse. They drink lots of coffee there.

    If you ever come over, I will make sure I have strong coffee waiting for you….and carrot cake.


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