Plinky Prompt: What Do You Need For A Successful Road Trip?

  • Road Trip Essentials
  • Be Serious, a successful road trip? With ME??!!
    Day 233: Nauseous Can the first item for a successful road trip be an airplane? Thought not. It doesn’t hurt to try. Oh dear, road trip….sends shivers up and down my spine. I HATE sitting in cars for a long time because a) I have a chronic pain issue that makes it very difficult for me to sit in one place for more than an hour or two at a time and b) I have the attention span and patience of a dying tick. I get restless and want to be there and hate sitting in a car. I become one of those annoying children that say in a whiny voice:”are we THERE yet?” Trust me, you wouldn’t WANT me on a road trip although I did quite well when we were on a long road trip in Australia. However, from NYC to Washington, DC? Not so much. It took FOREVER. I find the train much more comfortable albeit more expensive.
    I need food and lots of it, snacks, Yoo-Hoo, bottles of water, plenty of places to stop so I can pee and stretch, Twizzlers (original flavor only) maybe some music. I can’t read or write because I get nauseous. I can’t sit in the back because I throw-up. Trust me, you don’t WANT me to go on a road trip with you. Besides, isn’t “successful” and “road trip” an OXYMORON??? Think about it. p.s. My poor family would have to be looking at this type of expression the entire, repeat, the entire time we are on the road.

2 thoughts on “Plinky Prompt: What Do You Need For A Successful Road Trip?

  1. Picture this. I have tail bone issues. Severe tail bone issues. (meaning PAIN) And we drove from N.C. to C.A. and back. (granted there were 2 years between the trips, but the tail bone issues didn’t go away, they actually got worse.

    And I get VERY car sick if I look down or am in the back seat. But no worries about being in the back seat, we had Sandy and Max with us.

    Very often you would hear the cat Yowling, and me saying….Shut up my ass hurts to much to listen to that!

    does that make sense?

    Want to go on a road trip?
    Yeah sure! Where’s the Vicoden? my special butt pillow? and preferably some ice to sit on too. Please.
    Got all that….then let’s go. You drive, I’ll sleep. See you when we get there.

    Now that’s the perfect road trip.

    (and you can pick on me for the long detailed comment….I got carried away)


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