Plinky Prompt: Would You Get A Tattoo If It Lasted A Year/Month?

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  • No Pain, Yes, Gain
    Release from Agony

    Release from Agony (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    The question for me is not how long tattoos LAST but how much PAIN I would feel. I am not a good pain patient (chronic pain sufferer aside.) I do react to pain on a higher level than most people; I’ve been this way since I have been a child. If it didn’t hurt (ow, the thought of needles digging in my skin makes me nauseous) I would think about a temporary tattoo for a month, maybe even for a year. My logical thought though is it would hurt just as much to have it removed, if not MORE, than to get one….I’m a wuss, I admit it. I try to stay away from all sorts of pain. I have enough pain in my life due to Fibromyalgia and Chronic pain disorders than to look for pain and pay for it. Pain is my enemy, no way would I do anything that would inflict pain willingly; the only exception, childbirth for my two lovely children. That’s it!

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