Haiku Heights – JOY

my guardian angel

my guardian angel (Photo credit: SIRHENRYB.is ****the dreamer****)

Happiness leaks out

News of a friend’s sudden death.

I have no breath left.

( In Memory of Helen Celestine Escoffier- an Angel to so many)


Like a gray rabbit

My pup prances down the steps

To our love, delight.


Coffee’s first, hot, sip

every morning with a kiss

beloved husband.

11 thoughts on “Haiku Heights – JOY

  1. Helen and I met in the 1980’s. We were fellow Realtors and we became fast friends. I met her parents and went to their Annual Christmas Party in their beautiful home in Chappaqua.What lovely parents they were. And Helen, she was a devoted daughter. I will miss Helen-she had an infectious smile and a warm personality. I’m assuming Helen died from Breast Cancer ( but not sure as I found no answers explaining her death) as donations were being directed to Susan B Koman. I actually learned about Helens passing after my recent diagnosis in late 2012. I too was shocked and upset. Helen was a private person and for me when I was first diagnosed in 2008 it was devastating and I wanted privacy but now after my reoccurance, all my friends know and they have rallied behind me in support. I hope Helen had her friends support and died knowing this. Dear Helen even though we lost touch and we met up again a few years ago to help another grieving friend, I will miss you and I’m truly sorry I had no idea you were Ill.


    • I only knew Helen from her spiritual side, the lectures and meetings she held in her home. she had mediums who channeled messages from the dead and wonderful people in her life. i found out she died from a FB posting and I was beyond SHOCKED. I knew she was ill for a long time (not with cancer) but I think she did have cancer at the end. Knowing Helen she is aware of your love and wishes YOU well. She had her dear friends, all spiritual people live with her until the day she died. Please don’t beat yourself up, knowing Helen, I KNOW she would never like that. I promise.


  2. Helen was my aunt. I am the last of her family line, I found out about her death through a mass emailing too. It was horrible. I am glad to know but this is not how family should be told.


  3. So sorry to hear about the loss, Laurie. I pray her soul finds peace.

    I can relate to the joyfulness of morning coffee, but not yet with the part with the spouse.

    Thanks for three vivid haiku.


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