Swimming In The Swamp

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English: Pink Puppy Designs, http://www.PinkPuppyDesigns.com/ Category:Dog equipment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Staying in my house, bored, is utterly detrimental to my health. I know this for sure. I need to get out, to have adventures and while I used to have more people to have adventures with, I now have adventures with myself or…..with my dog, Lexi. Maybe this is the bonding she and I need, maybe our adventures together are her way of showing affection. I really don’t know.

Today was a lovely, breezy summer day; the sun was shining, the sky a brilliant blue and clouds formed to make unusual, thick shapes. I took our 4 and a half month “mutt-a-gree” puppy (so much nicer than saying mutt, don’t you think?) and opened the back door of my car for her. “Come on, Lex, we’re going for a ride.” We ended up in a park that has trails and a walking path, a pond, a playground for children and an ice cream truck. What could be better?

We met a few other dogs, white curly-haired dogs, large, german shepherds, a couple of big dogs in various shades of gold, red, brown, beige and white. Some were big and fluffy with full coats, others were small and yappy; some were off leash, others were on. Not every dog was happy to see a puppy, an (over) enthusiastic four and a half month puppy but a few dogs put up with it. Lexi is like a politician and very much like our son when he was three years old. Our son would say “Hi” to everyone who walked by and would wave his chubby hand, if people didn’t stop to chat, admire, wave or smile, he was personally insulted and it showed on his face. Lexi is the same way, she takes all rejections personally and gets upset when a dog doesn’t want to play with her.

Determined to take her for a walk, I pulled her away from the other disinterested dogs and off we went. About five minutes into the walk we came upon the smelly, dirty, big pond (I’m being nice, it was a huge, disgusting swamp). I love water and had always hoped my first dog would love water but she was terrified of it. Lexi was not. She went to the edge and was fascinated by the muddy water. She played in the water with her paws and we both were thrilled. Yes, I was encouraging her, I admit it. She went out a little further but I still had the leash clutched in my hand. (Another mea culpa I had not brought the long leash with me since this was an impromptu adventure.)

The next part I see in slow motion. Me, wearing new white pants and a navy and white striped tee-shirt and my favorite and expensive sneakers (that are the only kind that fit my old lady messed up feet) were at one point standing at the edge grinning at MY dog, proud, cell phone in my pants pocket. Half a second later, my super-strong puppy pulled me in with such great strength that I fell into the stinky, grimy water. My first thought was “my husband will kill me if my phone is broken” my second thought “who saw me because this is so embarrassing?” and finally after the nice gentlemen in back of me asked if I was alright, I said some silly thing like “well at least she likes the water” with an embarrassed, goofy grin. The entire left side of my body was drenched in black slime, my right side apparently hadn’t made it in the water.

We stank. Both of us, like dirty, muddy, black-stained sea urchins. Lexi was wet and wild. I laughed the entire ride home calling our friend Christina to ask her to take a picture on Instagram for Facebook. If I can figure it out, I will try to repost the photo here, if not look there! it’s worth it. My son and husband’s first question was:” Why didn’t you let go of the leash?” “Because I’m a mother, that’s why!” I didn’t know if she could swim, and I didn’t trust her if she could swim not to swim to another state. It seemed instinctual to stay by her side, and so I did.

No anxiety today! I had an adventure, with my puppy who is way too strong and needs discipline. Puppy classes start Sunday and I can’t wait. Now, I need new sneakers (I’ve already tried washing the ones I had on) the cell phone is nestling in rice and the dog had so much excitement she is sleeping, down for a nap. I still smell like the swamp lady but I had fun, a lot of fun. We should do this more often, though next time I will bring a much longer leash and a few, old towels. All in all, I have to admit, I haven’t had this much fun in a long time; it was a perfect day.

9 thoughts on “Swimming In The Swamp

  1. Dear Lexi,
    Atta girl! You are getting her feet wet early on. Human’s are very hard to train but you’re off to a great start. Once Humans take the plunge they will get in line much faster.
    Sssssssssssssssnifingly yours,
    Tip: Keep ’em laughing – your Human sounds like a push-over!


    • OH, here we go, Max, Max, Max. My human told me about the Brady Bunch when there was an episode of Marcia, Marcia, Marcia and I just knew a note from YOU would be coming. Max this, my human says, and Max that. Sheesh, I can’t get a bark in edgewise. But enough about you, let’s talk about ME. I am trouble with a capital T. I want to be noticed and I want attention every waking second. My humans better get on with it. Thought I’d shake the female human (some humans call her Mom) up by dragging her in the swamp but when I thought she’s be MAD, she laughed and laughed. Humans, go figure. I don’t understand them at all, any hints, oh Holy Max? Love, your lowly admirer, Lexi (or as my human mom refers to me sometimes as Lexipro??!!)


      • Dear Lexipro,
        I think I will take you on as my protege. You are very smart demanding all that attention early on. You know the premise – you can always ramp it down but you can’t increase the demand – Human’s get very stuck in their ways right from the start.

        Don’t be discouraged. You will never understand Humans. They can’t understand themselves. Just keep training. It takes a lifetime.


      • Thank you, your Highness. However, I will be your equal in no time. I am sure of myself, even at 4 and a half months. Do you think this is the only trick I have for my human? I’m starting small….but now that she fell for it, “swimmingly” I may add, I’ve got my game on. Love, wink, wink, Lexi

          Warm wishes, Laurie https://hibernationnow.wordpress.com



  2. Oh Laurie! I can just see it!!!! That sounds like a really wonderful day! I love those sneakers…hope u can get another pair like em…lol, hope ur phone makes it also, but it was all worth it so u can have this memory and it gave me something to laugh about … with u of course! lol…Hope ya get many more fun outtings with Lexi! xoxo


    • Dear Lexi and Max….I would never do anything like that to my human. (also called “Mom” by the other humans in the house…weird huh?) I am a true Lady and I would never want my beautiful coat ruined with mud and stinky water! Yuck! You will learn to be a Lady someday Lexi….at least I hope so!
      p.s. The picture was pretty funny I must admit!


      • My mom (she is making me call her that) but Max and I have a deal, hee hee, we still call them owners…..is calling me a “devil dog” and I don’t think she means the good cake-like product. don’t you like, Aunt Mo, how innocent I look in the picture? I can do that really well. In fact I did that so well at the animal shelter, Mom picked me. Love, Lexi


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