Life Is To Be Lived: Mmmm For Chocolate

English: Chocolate mousse with strawberries pr...

I don’t often order chocolate desserts in restaurants. I’m more the carrot cake or vanilla/coconut cake kind of gal. Tonight, I just needed chocolate, nothing else would suffice. I ordered “Chocolate Mousse with Hazelnuts and Raspberry Coulis.” Oh my dear Lord. It was divine in every sense of the word.

It was milk chocolate mousse wrapped in dark chocolate (I know, right? The best of both worlds) with hazelnuts adorning the  little raspberry syrup spots on top of the white plate. It was not only breathtakingly good to eat, it was also pretty. Or as they say in “Hells Kitchen” the plating was magnificent.

I generally eat very little during the day, I think I had a snack pack of “Fig Newtons” for lunch and water to drink; it was so hot outside I wasn’t hungry. At home, where I proclaimed it was too hot to cook we decided to splurge and go out to eat. There’s something about not cooking that makes one ravenous in a well air-conditioned restaurant surrounded by your non-fighting family.

Tomorrow, I think I will stick to “clean” foods, fruit and vegetables and maybe chicken or a veggie burger. Tonight, however,was meant for only chocolate; rich, smooth, velvety, creamy milk chocolate and dark chocolate. It’s what the end of the week should be, a celebration for getting through it. Enjoy the weekend, everyone.

3 thoughts on “Life Is To Be Lived: Mmmm For Chocolate

  1. sounds very tasty! Now I want some dessert (and I just finished a coffee and a blueberry scone from Norstroms (spelling) cafe. Yes, it’s not gluten or sugar free but definitely a yum! So good no heating or butter is required!)
    Chocolate triggers migraines, but I would give it a try (even over cheesecake which usually wins the dessert choice menu!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Here’s to many more mousses — chocolate or other wise! I’ve seen some great comical pictures using moose instead of mousse.
    Oops, I’m bambling/brambling!


      • My sis in law used to work there, and she gave me a gift card to there a couple of years ago. That’s when I discovered the Nodstrom cafe, and got hooked on their blueberry scones. They make a pretty good Cafe American and an exceptional (word to match the cache (accent on the e) cappucino at around Starbuck’s prices. Best coffee at the mall that’s for sure!


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