Plinky Prompt? Which two favorite far apart cities do you wish you could move close together?

Orange Tree

Orange Tree (Photo credit: amycgx)

  • Which two cities do you wish you could move right next to each other? See all answers
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    • California Dreaming
      New Yorker Hotel building from below

      New Yorker Hotel building from below (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

      orange tree New York and California

    • I grew up in NY and still live here but have always wanted to live in California. Part of my heart will always live on the East Coast but part of me longs to live on the West Coast, on the water. I can’t take the winter weather in NY, but the fall and the spring are magnificent. Likewise, I’d like to be near the ocean or any body of water during the summer (or ALL the time if I could).  If I could live in both of these states, I’d be an incredibly healthy and happy woman. I’m too laid back to be a New Yorker and too impatient to be a California citizen, I need STRONG coffee (NY) but love the salad bars in CA. Bagels are a NY MUST, as are egg creams. But imagine, having a lemon or orange tree growing in your back yard in California……to me, that would be like living in a dream.
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1 thought on “Plinky Prompt? Which two favorite far apart cities do you wish you could move close together?

  1. I miss a lot about living in California. (just not Palm Springs…it’s a very inclusive place, and we didn’t fit in.) But I miss my lemon and orange tree. I miss being able to swim all year. I miss having a pool! I miss all the citrus, even if you didn’t have a certain citrus you could just walk along and get it. There were key limes close to us, and grapefruit.
    Ahhh, 70F in January was a dream.
    But in Palm Springs it was also 125F in the summer. Crazy!!!
    $800 light bills! We came back to NC.

    However, we are going to Tucson, AZ for the winter this year. We may move there, if we can handle living so close to Stuart’s family. 😉
    So this year…and often…I wish NC was much closer to AZ. It’s going to be a long ride! Yes, we are driving out. Our cat is too big for a carry on pet, and we don’t want him riding in the storage area…it worries me too much.


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