Plinky: What was the best thing of your day, yesterday?

  • Yesterday…all my troubles seemed so far away.
  • It’s The Little Things In Life
    lavender I bought a small lavender plant at the giant grocery store. It was sitting outside with its brothers and sisters. Some were larger with strands lifting straight to the sky. The one I bought was not the tiniest, but it was a small plant that seemed to look at me with a wink and smile. I bought THAT lavender plant and yesterday, all by myself, dug a small hole and planted it in my front yard. It seemed so appreciative to have been selected and after it was replanted I took the special pink watering can and sprayed the roots, to make the ground wet and mushy and muddy-fresh. I had dirt under my fingernails, the sunshine on my back and it felt wonderful.
    Gardening is not a great big deal for most people, but for people with Fibromyalgia and chronic pain, it felt like I had just won the Olympics. I didn’t ask my husband or son for help, I tried to do it on my own. And indeed, in my very own small world, I got the gold medal.

11 thoughts on “Plinky: What was the best thing of your day, yesterday?

  1. I planted a little lavender plant last year. It became a large lavender plant, but I didn’t trim it back in the winter….I didn’t know I should…and besides after the planting Stuart kind of ended up doing the upkeep on the little herb garden.
    So this year, I got all this new growth on top of this stuff that looked dead. Now it really is Huge! I know I should cut it back, but the bees so love it. I’ll trim it back before we go to Tucson….or I’ll get our dear house sitter to do it, depending on how I feel.
    I dried a bunch of herbs at the end of last season, and then I couldn’t tell what was what. haha I was able to salvage 2 or three that looked like the plant after it had dried…but I think Stuart accidentally mixed up some of the rest. But now I need an herb grinder. It’s hard grinding them up with a mortar and pestal.
    Love that you were able to plant your little lavender. My herb garden always makes me feel good. I can’t get much done, but with a little…well a lot…of help from my hubby I can have a pretty herb garden….and wild flower garden. But that is SO easy.
    Just scatter seeds, water, and wait. We have an interesting front to our house.
    biggest thing. Easy maintenance.


      • Not much, just trim it in the winter so you will have a bigger plant next spring! Mine is now close to 3 ft high, but it’s in a big container, so that adds to the height. But it is gorgeous. I never thought I could grow anything as lovely as some of my herbs.
        Some have failed miserably…but some have brought so much joy. and the Bees love them. We have the big buzzing bees….and HONEY bees. I’m thrilled about that! Also lot’s of butterflies.
        Funny thing, I planted Bee Balm and it is huge, and it flowered, but the bees really didn’t pay any attention to it. they liked the lavender and mints much more.
        Guess you can’t judge an herb by it’s name. haha

        But really, mostly just water it, it will be fine. There are different varieties, if yours doesn’t ever look like it’s turning brown, don’t trim it.

        good luck my dear.
        I know you will care for the little thing.
        I think I’ve killed more plants than I’ve helped live….but I’m getting better each year.


      • oh no…..allergic to bees. I must say, our bees are so interested in the flowers they don’t pay any attention to us. We are just happy to see the honey bees because of the colony collapse problem.
        But I bet if you keep the flowers trimmed off, there will be no bees.
        sorry I’m not closer, I’d take care of it for you.


  2. I agree — a gold medal for sure! With lavender you have the “secret” ingredient to Herbs de Provence — if you have enough to harvest and dry. Anyway — It’s so nice that you found a plant to nurture as you are the nurturing type.


  3. AWESOME!!! I love this post. And that Lavender plant too. I hope you’ll keep taking photos, even though mine grows very slow, but I don’t have much sun and it’s in a container. My mom says planting Lavender by your door is “good luck” –She also says if she “didn’t have bad luck (she) wouldn’t have any at all. The story of her plant is sad, so this has inspired me to buy her a new one, go visit her, and plant it for her! Thank you…

    Congratulations 😉


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