Mellow Yellow Monday – IKEA

IKEA Logo in Blue and Yellow on Store

IKEA Logo in Blue and Yellow on Store (Photo credit:

IKEA logo, home of the big YELLOW sign that welcomes you to shop, shop and dine in their lovely

cafeteria. Have a snack,  buy a chair or a large sofa. Maybe a dining room table set?

They have it all, and the prices are reasonable. Be forewarned, make sure you have a complete

screwdriver set for all the pieces to the puzzle that was once known as furniture.

We don’t have the money to go shopping for big ticket items right now, but just thinking of going to Ikea

makes me HAPPY.

5 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow Monday – IKEA

  1. Love IKEA! Just took a trip there on my birthday weekend…well over a month ago now. Got a new sofa, and a book shelf….and lunch…oh and breakfast the next day. Oh yes, it’s always a 2 day adventure. I can’t do it all in one day. and glad I can’t. That way we don’t make rash decisions…that are SO easy to make at IKEA. We look the first day, make a list, think about it that night, and go back and buy some of it the next day.
    I will admit, our house is mostly IKEA. Love the style, couldn’t afford the huge price tag on the same style elsewhere….but some of IKEA’s stuff isn’t really the greatest quality.
    However, we are happy with everything we’ve bought there. Except, our TV stand…but that’s because our TV is too big for it. It’s starting to sway in the middle.

    But we are definitely an IKEA family. Wish we didn’t have to drive 2.5 hours to get there….well maybe that’s good, I’m sure we’d buy more. : )


      • oh, I find it easier to break up the car ride into two days. I have tail bone/pelvic pain troubles….so after riding, then walking around….I need to just rest for a while! We have bought some things there that are very high quality…but they cost more. I have a gorgeous Butcher Block counter/storage area. It wasn’t bad in cost, but it’s solid wood. so is our headboard, and dressers….they are pine, but solid.

        However, if you like the look, you’d love our house. : )
        Which IKEA do you go to?
        We go to Charlotte, NC


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