Plinky: If You Could Delete A Memory, Would You?

  • Memory Erasure
  • Try And Delete Pain, You Can’t
    8560 – St Petersburg – Apartment If I could delete a memory from my past and all the pain that the memory caused, I would. However, I can’t change my history so even if I could erase the specific memory (sitting on the dirty steps of our old apartment building, sobbing in my nightgown, clutching two handkerchiefs, waiting for my older sister to come home one Christmas morning) I’m not sure it would do much good. There are bad times, bad memories and pain. Sometimes, there is not even a lesson to learn, not a single one. Many of us have had very bad experiences in our past, that leaves a trail of pain that follows you for years, or a lifetime. You can’t change what happened, all you can do is learn from other people’s mistakes. My sister and I were a team back then, united, against our parents, the enemies.

2 thoughts on “Plinky: If You Could Delete A Memory, Would You?

  1. I on the other hand would erase many memories. many. I do believe there are just some pains that I don’t need to remember. My sister acts as if she has forgotten, she doesn’t understand me.
    I don’t understand her.
    If I didn’t remember, perhaps I’d understand her more.

    I do know some of my pains have made me who I am today. some have made me bitter, and hurt, and where I don’t trust as easily, or love as easily. I’ll get close to someone and back away. Those memories I’d like to forget.
    Oh yes, there are memories I’d throw away.


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