4 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow Monday: Lemon Pound Cake

  1. Rhiannon keeps me stocked with gluten & dairy free muffins, and the latest batch are actually carrot cake muffins! They are so amazingly delicious – wish you were close enough to try one!


      • Stuart made me carrot cake muffins for my birthday. Not bad, especially for the second thing he’d ever baked. But he kind of flopped on the icing. : )
        what a doll though.

        My grandmother was a shrew…no really….until she got much older she was an angry woman all the time…but she made the best pound cake ever! I didn’t like pound cake as a child, except for my grandmother’s. Once when she was older, we sat at her kitchen table eating pound cake…she found out I loved it…and had the best morning together. That is the memory I keep of her. That sunny morning, chatting with my grandmother, while eating this beautiful yellow pound cake.


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