Plinky: Are You A CAT, DOG or Other Person?

  • Cat Lady? Not This Chick!
  • Meet Lexi
  • WOOF!!!
    I am totally, completely, officially and enthusiastically a DOG person. I had a cat when I was growing up and I did love her however I became very allergic to cats. Besides, cats are too aloof and independent for me. I got my first dog (from an animal shelter) ten years ago and I loved her with all my heart. She was everything you could want in a dog and more: affectionate, beautiful, sweet, gave unconditional love, a lap dog and truly my best friend. She was a dog with a soul. She sensed my emotions and when my dad passed away she would always be near me, licking up my tears.
    When Callie, died abruptly from cancer of the spleen exactly ten years later I was heartbroken. I never thought I would get over it, she was the best, most beautiful dog ever, her black and white tail was like a long paint brush always sweeping from left to right.
    I didn’t like my life without a dog so I started going to animal shelters a couple of months after she died. Against my husband’s better judgment to get an older dog, I fell in love with a tiny, brown short-haired puppy. As soon as I saw her I knew I had to adopt her. I named her Lexi. She is barely 6 months old now and she is a completely different dog but I love her so much. Lexi is playful and more daring and while she is not as affectionate as my first dog was, when she wags her little upright tale, and stands at the window when I leave, I know she loves me too.

3 thoughts on “Plinky: Are You A CAT, DOG or Other Person?

  1. Yep, definitely a DOG person here! I love cats, but it’s as you say – they are more aloof. A dog is a partner, a best friend. Dogs want to do things with and for you, and they offer unconditional Love. I think they are here to help us understand what that really is, how we are supposed to love each other, forgiving all the slights, always looking at us with love in their eyes, albeit filtered thru mischief, especially when they are puppies like Lexi. We were counting the days until Kodi turned 2 and so officially reached “emotional maturity” for his breeds (Rottie & Tibetan Mastiff), so full of mischief was he, high spirits, occasional destructiveness, and general puppy antics. He has settled down a lot, and his love for us was never in doubt – it was more a question of could we survive his puppy-energy demands and heal the wounds of abuse and neglect, but we did.
    You will survive Lexi’s puppyhood, too, and she will settle with maturity. There is such love in her eyes in that picture – I really adore it, and her expression.


  2. I’m a pretty much every animal person. Sandy was the most special furry friend I’ve ever had, and I know I’ll never find a friend like her again….but we still have Max he cat, and I’ve had numerous pets in my life….a turtle (I found in our driveway), numerous cats (I grew up in the country), dogs (really my parents), snakes (yes I had pet snakes), one of the most loving birds in the world!
    and I’m sure we’ll get another dog as some point…well, I think so.

    (a little secret….if all goes as planned we will be fostering a dog very soon….like this weekend. He and his siblings and mother were taken to the shelter and they didn’t have room….you know what that can mean. A fostering agency put out an emergency call…and we saw it. And one thing has lead to another, and we will be having a puppy who’s about 4 months old this weekend. He’s mostly Chocolate Lab, and a little Shepard. Big Dog! We’re excited, nervous, and scared. Having to train a puppy at this stage of our lives….whew, that’s a handful! Especially one that has been neglected.)

    But an old cat lady…no way!


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